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July 17, 2009

Barkis lying low
Barkis lying low
smells like summer
smells like summer

(click the photo for a bigger view)

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  • Over the weekend, I found where I want to buy my “reward” house if/when my books do well. . .it is “on the pond” facing Mt. Baker.

    Thanks for reminding me on a Monday morning why I need to quit surfing and start writing!

    RITA + MOB = WOW!

  • Barkis is just magnificent !

    Oh, the view is good too 🙂

    Only 5 1/2 weeks more and we will be enjoying the view from Port Orchard. Can’t wait !

    Thanks for sharing,


  • You have a view that is simply beautiful Susan. It shows a kind of peace that is not found anywhere else.

    Have a great day and enjoy the view!


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