we’ve got Christmas covered

July 08, 2009

Here is the final tweaked version. Coming to bookstores everywhere September 26.

Lakeshore Christmas jacket

Oh, and our good buddy Dan has a new book coming out, too, in case you haven’t heard. They’ve unveiled his cover today, too:


Whatcha think?

  • Wow the covers gorgeous Susan, I haven’t seen snow in a long time and certainly never at xmas in Australia! Can’t wait for the new book, I’d love to know how I could get a signed copy though.

  • I loved the cover of the new book. The picture of you and Barkis is just great.
    I have sent for the autograph copy and I just can’t wait to get it. Thank you
    for all the great writing you do that warms my heart. Don’t know what I would
    do without you. Margie

  • The Christmas cover is absolutely beautiful. I love Christmas and Christmas books. Can’t wait until it comes out in Septemper.
    Betty B.

  • Looks great….I want to “live” there…looking forward toimeeting new “friends”.

    And you and Barkis are “the cat’s meow”…ooops! “the dog’s woof ” bringing up the rear :o)!

  • The “Lakeshore Christmas” cover looks great. The tweaking is definitely effective and the picture looks balanced. I look forward to finding it in stores at the end of September.

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