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June 30, 2009

We never go anywhere in the summer. Not because we’re lame (though we might be) but  because there is nowhere–repeat–nowhere nicer than the Pacific Northwest in summer.

Particularly right here–I have a beach outside my door, parties and barbecues to attend, books to read, friends to see, boating to be done. Summer is here at last.

Post a comment! Where do you love to spend the summer?

  • My favorite spot to spend the summer is on a cool lake up in Northern Wisconsin.

    We’ve been tackling our decision as to where to go for a week – your beautiful PNW almost won out….I had it all mapped out – Rainier, Olympic, Port Townsend, and of course I had to visit Port Orchard (aka Cedar Cove from Debbie Macomber’s series)……we decided to stick around the Great Lakes area – Mackinaw Island, the sand dunes.

  • Being a teacher the only time to travel is the summer, but I hate to miss this beautiful weather. We’re in Oregon-1 1/2 hrs from the beach & the mountains. Best of all no humidity.

    I will be going back to the East Coast in August for a wedding-not my idea of best travel time for there. But I will get to munch on a heavenly Maine Lobster Roll.

  • I agree that there is nothing better than the Pacific Northwest this year…however, I do have pictures of my children doing sparklers on the 4th of July wearing raincoats- more than one year, too.

    But Adriana Trigiani at a reading at Third Place Books asked , “Where do you people go on vacation- and WHY???”

  • I’m a Montana girl, but I love the ocean. My favorite getaway spot is anywhere along the Pacific Coast. From Vancouver/Vancouver Island BC to San Diego! My next favorite place is Seattle.

  • My favorite summer getaway was definitely when I spent a week on horse back, riding across the mountains and through the forest in a location in Norway (where I’m originally from).
    Sore bums, cold nights in tents and very little sleep included, it was hands down the most fun summer trip I’ve ever had. There is something extra special about experience nature and natural surroundings from horse back, you’re so in tune with nature, it was amazing.

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, one of my favorite summer places to go for r&r is Las Vegas, which is so far from nature and SO far from reality with all the glitz & bling that only Las Vegas can offer, it’s a complete & utter escape from the day-to-day lives & troubles we all deal with….. 🙂

  • I happen to agree, if I lived in your neck of the woods (or sand, for that matter), I’d be content staying home too. Alas I’m stuck in the very hot valley just before the Sierra-Nevada foothills here in California (but I hope to see you at the end of the month as I’ll be attending the PNWA conference!).

    My favorite locations are places that are nice and cool, Mendocino (along the northern California coast), San Francisco where my in-laws live, and up in the mountains a bit higher where it’s shady. But I’m a traveler by love and nature and now that my kids are old enough to keep their own alongside of me, we leave the firefighting hubby/dad home during the hot (fire) months and set out for everywhere and anywhere. Montana in a week. Colorado (hubby gets to come along then) at the end of summer. And for the remainder? Up to our noses in the pool until even that gets too hot.

    Enjoy your summer and please, drop a line if the guestroom is available this August. ;0)

  • Just a skip north of you is beautiful British Columbia – all part of this spectacular part of North America. Same type of trees, same mountain range, same ocean, same rain, same sunshine all divided by the border. We may be lame too, when it is summer here there is no other place to be – the ocean, the mountains, the beaches, the parks, the food, my hammock under the deck. ….. maybe travel to the Okanagan or Vancouver Island or the Gulf Islands. Just too beautiful here.
    Then again, we have always wanted to see the Maritimes – the lobster, the Atlantic ocean, the history…. Oh well… So little time, so many places to see… unless, of course, it is Italy… Cinca Terra, Tuscany, Venice, or Florence ….. Think I will go sit outside and dream for a bit.

  • I’d love to go back to Mii Amo in Desona Arizona for a few weeks, a week a few days. It is the most tranquil spot in the universe. Mii Amo is a destination spa loaded with new age relaxation, Native American influences and beautiful vistas.

  • I love the rocky beaches of Maine. And the lobster of Maine. But in a pinch, Michigan works well, too. Both are cooler and less humid than Southern Indiana, and decidedly less land-locked.


  • I agree the PNW is the best place on earth to live! Beaches and mountains both right outside our door….though I suspect your slice of heaven is just slightly nicer than mine, yours being right on the water AND with a view of Mt Rainier 🙂 But it is still the best place ever – so much so that I’ll weather all the rainy winter days because I know summer is so spectacular!

    In fact, my hubby and I spent a weekend, not too long ago, at the Clearwater Resort and Casino ( near your neck of the woods ) – the resort is seperate so you don’t even HAVE to enter the casino…we had a corner room facing the Agate Passage – it was so calming and relaxing, of course the couples massage helped relax us even further!!! You should stay there soometime, take a mini home away from home vacation!

    My other favorite spot is just slightly further south – that being the Oregon Coastline.

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