christmas in july

June 30, 2009

No really, I mean it. CHRISTMAS IN JULY. The ARCs (Advance Reading Copies) for Lakeshore Christmas are out. Yay!

They sent me exactly three copies. One each for my friends Carol and Pam, and one for posterity.

Read any good ARCs lately? Post in Comments!

  • Aaaaauuuugghhh!!!! This is crack to me!! I just got a text from my friend, Kristin, who I recently got hooked on The Lakeshore Chronicles and it said, “Welcome home. I’m in love with the Winter Lodge.” She will love this, too! Congratulations, Susan!

  • Haven’t read any good ARC’s lately (besides my own–hint, hint), but I love the feeling of opening the first ARC’s. I don’t know what it is. Just something about seeing a new book, with my mark on it, in physical form, pages bound between soft covers. My heart always leaps a little, and I can’t help but beam, no matter how bad it is or how many typos are still in the manuscript.


  • Congradulations Susan!!! I love the cover. I know this one will be just as good as all the Lakeshore series books are. I look forward to adding it to my collection. When will it be available?

  • Yahoo! The last ARC was Just Breathe. I expect this story to soar to the top. I predict another number one!

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