So, how’s that novel coming along?

June 23, 2009

Count that among the questions a writer least wants to hear. Even my computer hates this book.

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  • I thought first drafts are suppose to suck? It gives you something to go from.

    Well if your first drafts are perfect, first start out of the gate?

    Aspiring writers may as well get out the big ole’ garbage bag (those really big black construction types) and pack up all those print offs, drafts and writing craft books and go apply for “real jobs” Monday morning..


  • Hello Susan
    Five of your books that I’ve read are the Lakeshore Chronicles and Fireside. I would love to see another written about a wedding for Justin Devereaux and Daisy Belamy. I know you already did a similar one about the wedding of Connor and Olivia, but I’m just dying to read more about how all the couples’ lives are progressing and what better way to have a reunion of all the couples in these books. It could also be a bit of a prequel detailing the lives of the elder Belamys. Just a thought – I love your books. Thanks so much.
    Janice Howell, St. Clairsville, Ohio

  • I’d choose “Cash the advance check” and go buy yourself something yummy from the bakery, take a break to stare out at that beautiful view of yours and get your daughter married off….after that you’ll be able to concentrate – your book will be fantastic! They always are!!

    Just remember a draft is just a draft – it’s allowed to suck! Then you just re-write it until it doesn’t suck anymore!

  • Susan, Sanp out of it! Look at this as a good thing.

    It just means that you might have to dig a little deeper to find the

    things that you want to say and write about in the project you’re

    currently working on. After all, there are many positive and wonderful

    things ahead. Whether you can see them or not, they are just around

    the corner waiting to be discovered. Tust in yourself and your intuition.

    The answer is there, it’s just a little harder to find that’s all.

    You’ll find it and when you do you’ll probably wonder what all the fuss

    was about. You can do it!

  • Susan, I have loved every single one of your books. I don’t know how you get there or what you do, but I very much appreciate whatever it is.

    You are about to become MOB. . .which I would think would be exciting and terrifying to the max for someone whose entire life is about romance.

    Look for a second at the cover of JUST BREATHE. Now, that’s a perfect book. And, I vaguely recall that during the process you hated it too sometimes. In many respects, I think writing a book must be a lot like giving birth. . .painful until the baby is in your arms and filling your heart with love.

    Susan, I loved, loved, loved JUST BREATHE, and I’m sure I’m going to love whatever you are working on now.

  • Oh, I hate that question!! Infact my husaband, bless his heart, learned not to ask that question today. He even put the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door for me HIMSELF. LOL…I’ll make him brownies later with extra chocolate.
    By the way …humm… how did you make that little computer hate sign? I feel like plastering it on my desktop right now with a few extras!


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