My parents have been married for 55 years.

May 29, 2009

How the heck did they do it?


29 May 1954
29 May 1954


still smiling 55 years later
still smiling 55 years later

  • Happy Anniversary and Congratulations to your parents.

    Indeed, what a wonderful milestone for them.

    My parents were married for 54 years.

    I asked my mother once what the heck her secret was for having
    such a lasting relationship with my dad and she told me: “No matter
    what Terri, I always let him think that it was his idea.” 🙂

    (It took me a little while to figure out what she meant but, I got it!)

    She then went on to say: ” Your dad and I love each other with all
    our heart, we enjoy the simple pleasures life offers, we have fun,
    and take nothing or no one for granted.

    Love and Laughter, go hand in hand with happiness. And, having one another (or that special some one like your dad to share my life with makes the journey through the adventure of life worth it all.”

    So, in answer to your question of “How’ the heck did they do it?”

    The answer would have to be. . .They did it together. One step at a time creating wonderful memories, filled with plenty of laughter and a love, trust and respect that is so endearing, and deep it has lasted the test
    of time.

    My best wishes to your parents Susan, and here’s to many more happy years filled with love and laughter.

    Terri F.

  • Congratulations to your parents. They look so happy together. Great wedding photo to. Love your dad’s white hair. Happy Anniversary!

  • Omigosh, now I know where you got your eyes, Susan. Your mother! And what a lovely couple. They look so sweet. I know a long-married couple, and they’ve never been married to anyone else, but the husband jokingly introduces his spouse by saying, “And this is my first wife, Joyce.” I think humor is one of the keys to a long relationship. Happy anniversary to your parents. ~Sherrie Holmes

  • How wonderful 🙂

    55 years ? I think they got there because it must be just right.

    I can see you in both of them, what a lovely couple.

    Congratulations to your parents – you can tell they did a great job with you (obviously) they have “got it”. Makes me smile to think about it.


  • Wow…that says it all…..still smiling after all these years.
    Sending huge congrats to them and wishing them many, many more happy and loving years together.
    In today’s world, this is certainly something to be proud of!

  • How amazing! Congratulations to your lovely parents. I wish them both many more years of happiness and love together!

  • In this day and age being married 55 years is a triumph to love. I can see it in their faces. Still as happy and in love as on the first day of life together…
    I wish them both many many more happy years together..

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