May 18, 2009

Banker rescues ducklings! Adorable news video!

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  • Actually, after some clever searching, you can find some raw footage that was shot the day that the ducks went to the river. Apparently, the crowd that had gathered for the parade scared Amelia Duckhart (her name now — previously called “Downtown Duck”), so she flew without the ducklings at first but then, returned. Each duckling made it into the river, but its not shown in all the footages. Apparently, they spoke with a wildlife expert, and they claim she could do this for another 15 to 20 years! :O Which means the banker is going to be helping approx. 180 to 240 little ducklings in his lifetime! He’s helped approx. 24 so far! If you figure she had 12 last year as she did this year! Such a beautiful story, and to think, she’s already gone through this twice! She picked the best window to be under, if you ask me! With such a patient and observant father watching out for her!

  • That was so cute! But I noticed a couple didn’t readily go into the water. I wonder if they were still scared over the last drop!

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