May 15, 2009

reading a fine article on the romance genre:

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  • I particularily like this part of the article – “Prejudice and Pride.” All genres have very, very bad novels not just romance novels. Over the years, I have read some really bad works and have wondered how the book was even published!! You can never get back the time it took to read a bad novel. Some have never been finished and finally hit the dustbin during spring cleaning, why subject someone else to it. Then again, there is the addage about ‘ones trash is anothers treasure.’ You can always get satisfaction from reading a good, a very good and an excellent story. It is the time out of a busy life enjoying well written words in any genre. Takes the edge off the ugliness of the news. Perhaps that is why one “escapes” for a little while into a good book, especially a romance novel. A little love is better than murder and mayhem.

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