May 11, 2009

saw “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” today. Don’t believe what the critics say. It’s fun and adorable.

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  • When a critic says it’s no good, that usually means I’ll like it! While I don’t want to read or watch “mindless drivel” I do want to be entertained. I don’t necessarily need to try to figure out the meaning of life during my down time! Debbie

  • I’m kind of backward…I DIDN’T read DaVinci Code because of all the hype around it. What I read first was Angels and Demons, then because I loved that, I finally read DaVinci Code. I don’t usually agree with critics (both book or movie). I enjoyed Ghosts of Girlfriends Past….very entertaining, and that’s why I go to the movies, to be entertained. 🙂

  • Was it as good as I was hoping it would be!? I gave up on critics eons ago! As I recall they didn’t like Three Men & a Baby (hate to admit how often I’ve seen it since the initial time in the theater, along with its sequel!)!! However, I am a bit more critical of a film if I see a teaser (tv) or trailer (in cinema) that may or may not seem to float my (personal) boat! This one… teetered on the edge. They either would do it justice or… ?

    Would someone who loves A Christmas Carol appreciate it?! Or, find that they took too many liberities?! The premise has been used before, on even the small screen, and generally, I’ll take a chance on films, but I’ve been sooo disappointed lately, I’m a bit more cautious! Unfortunately, I’ve only ear pegged a handful of films that debut between May 09 and Feb ’10!!

    Of the trailer my favourite shot is the wedding cake that falls on the ground, and the girl coming in shrieking about its demise! Did they leave that scene in!? That seemed to be a pivotal moment!

    (Night At the Museum 2, Ice Age 3, Julie & Julia, My Life in Ruins, the Time Traveller’s Wife, Fame (hopeful!), Hurricane Season, Friday Night Knitting Club (hopeful), Cats & Dogs 2)

    • I think you’d like it. The cake scene is there and it’s hilarious. There are winks and nods to Dickens throughout. My impression is this was meant to be a Christmas film (takes place in winter) but they missed the release date.

      It’s filmed in a great location! A clifftop mansion in Newport.

      • Oy! Forgot to mention one thing: I was rolling in laughter with the interpreation of the FIRST ghost! She was simply a riot! 🙂 She had all the best lines and scenes I think out of all the ghosts! What did you think!?

      • Good evening, Susan! 🙂

        Guess what!? We went to see the film tonight! Smiles. It was a welcome breath of fresh air! Smiles. Haven’t been since we saw Play the Game last month! Smiles. Your right — I did enjoy it! Smiles. It packed a powerful punch of a message, and it was great to see the change inside of the man, as all the events were unfolding, almost as though he was looking back on someone else’s life – as his memories were slightly different! Smiles. Brilliant suggestion, thank you! Smiles. I only wish the younger kids weren’t in attendance, it was quite more adult than most films, and I always cringe when I see young eyes in an audience! Frowns.

        The cake scene rocked! And, that house is beautiful! Thanks for the insights!

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