how to embarrass your children without really trying

May 09, 2009

It’s really a very sweet post by Elizabeth, about why she can never read my books.

  • My daughters did read my books in manuscript form, and they said they liked them except for the sex parts. I asked what I got wrong, and they said, no, I’d gotten it RIGHT and I wasn’t supposed to know that stuff.

    (My son won’t read them at all)

  • Parents have sex?????? How COULD they DO such a thing? And what did they call it if, God forbid, they EVER admitted it to anyone…..??????
    Just wondering….
    Happy Mom’s Day, Susan , and all

  • I so agree with Kathleen. I of course grew up with my grandparents……I’ll let you stew on that one!
    My husband and I have four little one ranging from 11 down to 7 and when ever they see us give each other a hug or some such it is an automatic…EEEWWWW!
    Oh, what surprise they will get when they get older!

    HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY SUSAN! (Today is Mother’s day here in Mexico)

    HEHE…Yeah I get two day of no cooking and cleaning!!!!
    Have a splendid weekend!

  • I got a real kick out of that Susan. It is just like the time you realize your parents have sex….icky!!!

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