the Crab of Doom

May 08, 2009

Barkis v. the Crab of Doom. See more photos here

Put up yer dukes! Take that! Aaaannnd...THAT!
Put up yer dukes! Take that! Aaaannnd...THAT!

Today’s drawing is for a copy of the book of the moment, and a beautiful tin of relaxing herbal tea. To enter, just post your favorite relaxing beverage in Comments. I’m curious to see what we all like to drink (besides the obvious). Congrats to the winner of Saving Juliet! Marjorie’s name was selected by I’m guessing she will love this funny, funny book.

  • A cup of Red Rose tea with a smidge of sugar. Hot weather, cold weather, it doesn’t matter. Tea relaxes my sould. That and a good book.

  • In the morning if I need caffeine, I like a cold Coke over ice. (I’m told this is southern…) If I have coffee, I like a latte or mocha in the afternoon (…preferably sitting at a little cafe somewhere in Italy!!!). Mostly I drink seltzer or club soda, and sometimes mix it with pomegranite or blueberry juice. In the summer when it’s hot, I like “Simply Limeade” over ice…mmm!!

  • My favorite during-the-week-drink is Vanilla Coke. When we’re out and about, I love to have a Miller Chill if I’m not having a Passion Fruit Margarita. It’s funny how not many of us could choose just one favorite!

    By the way, I just finished listening to “Just Breathe” on CD and I loved it, loved it!

  • Dear Susan,

    My favorite beverage to relax with would have to be a Pina`Colada from Gardunos restaurant inside The Palms Hotel in Las Vegas. They are luscious beyond description. But, since I am in Minnesota, far from the glittering lights and excitement of The Strip, anything my darling husband whips up in a blender and hands to me in a glass with a long stem will do! It’s really the company I keep, not the drink, that relaxes me. And after all of these years, he is still my favortire person to hang out with.

    Now, I have to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for being so unbelievably kind. The package you sent arrived and I was so moved. To take the time to do what you did for my daughter goes to show that not only are you an outstanding author, but a compassionate human being with a heart of gold.

    I wish I lived closer to have the chance to thank you in person. But maybe one of these days I’ll surprise you with something special too. I am a big quilter! Any requests or favorite colors???

    Love, Mary

  • I forgot to mention in my “I’m so happy posting!”, that my favourite drink ever since a trip to Fargo, ND, is the “(insert tea here) soy tea misto!” I had dragonwell in Fargo, as its the BEST that Caribbu Coffee offered, and the barista recom’d it to boot! 🙂 Since then, I’ve starbucked my way across the midwest and south, trying everything from “refresh” (lovely mint!), “green ginger” (great for stomach woes), and “chai” (in the bag/not a mix!). Tea lattes always help me relax, but I have no guilt over these little gems, because A. Its not a sugarcane high of naughtyness and B. its actually quite healthy for you if you take out the milk! I’ve made them at home with rice dream too! 🙂 Note to all: I’ve had to give up the chai, whether brewed or mixed, due to the spices — simply not in the cards anymore! *do not have this made if there is ‘lemon’ in the tea! lemongrass is okay!*

    Does anyone else like these!? I’ve been told that their not “mistos” in the Pacific Northwest (ie: Seattle), they have a different name for them!? I am forgetting what it is though!?

  • hot chocolate and Bailey’s Irish Cream…with a dash of freshly ground cinnamon…for a cold winter night..

    for the summer, fix as above and pour over a tall glass of ice cubes…refreshing>;)) Yes! truly magnifique!

  • Reading all the entries led to many a “yes” I love that too. It is hard to get only one favourite drink – definitely a good cup of coffee in the morning. The BEST EVER is cafe con leche which we had every morning when we lived in Peru. Second – vodka drinks, spicey caeser (more US restaurants are making them, I think it is more a Canadian drink), lemon drop martini at the W in Seattle, hmmmm. Third – yes, Sherrie, the ice cold water from a tin dipper, fresh from my aunt Dot’s well.

    So perhaps, Third should be first – Water, coffee and a vodka drink.

    AND best celebration drink, of course, champagne. Cheers everyone & Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies.

  • My very most favorite drink has to be ice cold water fresh from the well, preferrably drunk from a tin dipper. When I was a kid back when the earth was still warm, I remember the hand-pump by the barn at my grandma’s. It had a tin dipper hanging from a nail, and everyone drank from that dipper. We never worried about germs and it was the best water ever.

    Now that I’m grown up and those tin dippers are but a decades-old memory, and while water is still my favorite drink, I also have a serious love affair with coffee, just about the most sensuous drink on earth. I only drink one cup per day, but I savor every sip. My daily cup gets started in the morhing, and I make it last for several hours, enjoying the flavor, the thick cream added for richness, the taste on my tongue, and the caffeine jolt that hits me about halfway through the drinking of it. Coffee is truly the nectar oif the Gods.

  • There is nothing like a great glass of sweet tea, but if I am relaxin’ then its a nice glass of Moscato d’Asti champagne!!

  • My all-time favorite is the Arnold Palmer — half iced tea, half lemonade. I don’t golf, but it’s a good thing he did, huh?

    When we’re out on the town, my favorite is still a Cosmopolitan. 😉

  • Favorite relaxing drink is soft red wine. Favorite festive drink is traditional frozen margarita. Favorite summer drink is sweet tea. Favorite health drink is water. Favorite exhaustion-relief drink is blue PowerAde.

    Hydration is so very important. 😉

  • I love a good, ice cold glass of Texas Sweet Tea! No one makes it better than the folks here in Texas!

  • Dear Susan,
    I love hot chocolate–but I am also crazy about coffee(having lived in Brazil, I WOULD be!) and I love jasmine tea(got that in a Chinese restaurant…). For hot days, nothing beats plain old water, though…
    I have a love for Cheerwine(a local soft drink–very local, as in Salisbury, NC) and root beer. Lovely on a hot day too.
    AS for alcoholic beverages. give me Edradour scotch or Drambuie…yum’
    Hugs and love,

  • I think the ‘jitter-factor’ in coffee is all in the mind. I drink it to wake up in the morning, but I also drink it sometimes at night to settle in. At night I focus on the warmth of it going down. Ah!

  • Water with lemon. I love it but it just tastes better if someone else brings it to me in a pretty glass.

  • I mainly drink water, but when I am in the mood I will have a Dr. Pepper or sweet tea. I also like to drink black tea and green tea in the evenings.

  • Dogs are the absolute best cure for everything. Except fleas.

    As for beverages I’m split three ways. But they’re all sodas, because I’m a soda person.

    Coke Classic–This is for when I want to just be refreshed, or stay up all night working or have something to put my –occasional– rum in.

    Boylan’s Black Cherry–The single best soda in the world (outside of Coke). Pure cane sugar, deep black cherry sweet and sour flavor and enough carbonation to wake the dead.

    Sprite and Lemonade mixed–It’s refreshing. It makes you pucker and tingle all at once.

    If I’m in the mood for hot beverages I’ll either go with a chai tea or a hot mulled cranberry juice. But since I grew up associating hot drinks with having a cold (and also grew up being denied sodas on all but the most special of occasions) I’m still headed toward soda as my number 1 indulgence beverage.

  • Ok, am I the only one who gets a kick out of the Lady riding the dragon on the box of Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer Tea?? Just looking that picture makes me start cracking up so much that I laugh so hard and I need to be relaxed just from that little doozy! But really…if we could all just hop on a dragon and ride through the clouds and let that soothe our souls! 🙂 Ha ha! Never. And if you’re looking for me I WONT be making a cameo in a D&D game down the street!

  • OOhmigoodness!! 🙂

    I’ve WON! I cannot thank you enough! Although, I did make an attempt at thanking you properly via private mail! I’ve not won a contest/giveaway such as this previously, so I wasn’t sure what comes next, so I took the initiative and went to your website, clicked the “contact Susan” button, and sent off my infomations! 🙂 I’m still in a state of shock of seeing my name in the “winner’s circle!” Goodness! This is how the others’ must have felt when they logged in and found out!!

    I simply had to post a follow-up comment here! I’m not entering this giveaway, its merely a “thank you!” and a “wicked shout of glee!”

    Again,… what a wonderful night I am having! The Sox won over the Rays, and I’ve *won!* two brilliant books, on top of a stellar yesterday, picking up books for researching my WIP at a new library! Talk about a wicked start to the weekend! (which is going to go well too, as I’ve been able to surprise my Mum with two gifts she wouldn’t expect! a handmade pendant and a book of quotes from her favourite couple out of history: John & Abigal Adams! — the forementioned shawl is going to be made for her birthday instead!)

  • I drink lots of water, but for relaxing I really enjoy mint tea for a hot drink and good ol’ Coca Cola for a cold one.

  • Sadly, it took me way too long to find that crab of doom.

    I’m not a beverage person. I drink to recharge not relax. That said, I love warm cider, mulled or just microwaved. I’m also a fan of hot chocolate.

    mmmm, Margaret, I just bought some Pelligrino this afternoon along with some Strawberry Lemonade from Trader Joe’s. I can’t wait to crack it open tomorrow!

  • Everyone in my house knows when I am ready to sit down for the evening and read = relax

    I get the Pellegrino out and pour that over ice.

  • OMG the Crab of Doom……I am still laughing !

    I am boring, and for a relaxing drink for me – gotta be three shots of dark extra bold decaf and raw sugar over ice. If I am at home and looking for something then it is decaf espresso shots, nf milk and raw sugar with a half tablespoon of cocoa powder. That is good hot, lukewarm or put back in the refridg and drink it later.

    If we are talking relaxing like “out like a light” then it would be peppermint schnapps……….

    If we are in polite company, GOOD white Zinfandel wine.

    Other than that, water and lots of it !


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