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April 28, 2009

It’s out! Just Breathe is out in paperback and I’m so excited. All month long, I’ll be giving away cool stuff to people who comment on this blog–copies of the book of course. And things to pamper yourself with. And books by my friends, and ARCs (advance reading copies) of books I’ve been sent for endorsement. So check in early and often, readers!

Here’s my sophomore attempt at a musical slideshow. The images are from a magical trip we took to the Point Reyes National Seashore for our 25th wedding anniversary. Enjoy!  


Today’s drawing question–Where in the world do you go to just breathe? I’ll pick the winner using www.random.org. 

Today’s prize–a copy of Just Breathe and a sweet basket of ginger white tea bath & body products. Perfect for reading in the tub!

Ginger White Tea Bath Set Gift Basket

  • I love to go to the river and sit … It’s something about the running water, the fresh air and the seclusion away from phones, computers, cars and just life in general that gives me enough fresh air to make it through another hard day.,

  • Breathing doesn’t come naturally to Type A personalities – LOL! It’s something I have to remind myself to do.

    Anytime I am out enjoying nature’s gifts to us, I seem to gulp air — as if I had been underwater for a long time. Maybe I’m just trying to suck in all the wonderful smells to take home with me! Who can resist the salty smell of the ocean? The sweet smell of Jasmine flowers on a hot summer night? The crisp pine scent of the forest? The smell of fresh dirt when it’s about to rain?

    The trouble is, I don’t get any of those smells sitting in front of my computer all day. When do you think they will invent push-botton aromatic keyboards?

  • For me it is the ocean! I need it due to my asthma this time of year. Breathing gets tough with pollen and grass. Ocean air cleans me out. You may not realize that Just Breathing is a real gift!!

    • There is nothing that can compare to the feeling I have when I’m on my bike along the nature trail, a book, sandwich and camera in my backpack. I often stop and sit on the huge slabs of rock at the waterfront. I sit on the rocks and listen to the waves crash in breathe in the wonderful clean air. I get a great deal of joy out of these solitary visits, smiling like a dope for the sheer pleasure of it all!

  • My favourite place to “just breathe” is my family cottage. It’s on an island and when I sit on the rocks overlooking the lake, smelling the pine trees, I can centre myself after a busy week in the city.

  • Ahhh, just give me Puget Sound any time. I am not fond of this high
    desert with it’s snow in the winter and too hot in the summer. Perhaps sitting on the deck at the Otter House, with a book new or rereading by my favorite writer (so far) named Susan ! (I will wait, Carol! ) Just reading Just Breathe, and to quietly sit there and just breathe. Ahh what a way to go !

  • When I drive to visit my mother (less than 100 miles), I choose to stay off the interstate and instead travel back roads with lovely scenery and very little traffic. I find this clears my mind and helps me relax.

  • If I could go anywhere I wanted to just breathe, it would be Estes Park, Colorado and Rocky Mountain National park. I just find my place of peace there. Since I live in Florida, I don’t get to go that often! Maybe someday!

  • I’m taking you literally and answering a clinic or hospital 🙂 I have breathing problems, and the air is just generally cleaner in a medical facility. I carry a book with me wherever I go, so waiting to see a doctor is no big deal, since I can enjoy breathing and reading, both, while I wait!

  • When I’m home, I take a walk and go to the neighbourhood park to swing on the swings, it’s a great way to feel like a kid again and take the fresh air in. When I’m close to a beach I enjoy going there with a good book. It’s simple ways to escape the everyday challenges.

  • I love to draw a bath and relax.
    Or, I love to take a walk, even if it’s just around the block.

    Thanks for all the great books. I just picked up The Ocean Between Us yesterday and can’t wait to read it.


  • I work at a foster care agency and I see the results of what happens to a child when things go terribly wrong in some biological homes. Some days it is just more than I can take. When this happens I slip across the street to the picinic shelter on the beautiful grounds of Broughton Hospital. Broughton is a state run mental hospital that houses children and adults. Some pretty famous criminally ill patients reside there. The campus is spectacular. The buildings are old red brick and majestic. You can see the domes on top of the main buildings from miles away. My spot to breathe is an old creaky swing that faces acres of trees near the shelter. I sit and swing and wonder why some of us are so blessed and some of us are so cursed. Then I hike up my big girl panties and go back to work.

  • I like going to my brothers cottage and spending some alone time in the morning. Sititng on his porch and listening to the ripples of water on the river ,the birds and the trees wishpering in the morning breeze. With the sun just starting to rise I will sit out there with my tea and my book and just “breathe”. Nothing better than this early morning time.

  • With three little ones at home there isn’t much opportunity to “go away”. So I take a nice walk alone! It’s not much, but it is just enough to clear my head and have some “me” time, and BREATHE.

  • I go out to our little cabin in the woods and just enjoy the peace and quiet. I get to watch the wildlife and breathe.

  • I would go to my grandparents house down on the coast. It’s on a little river and it’s quiet and full of different kinds of birds. There is a large screened in porch that is perfect for drinking coffee and just breathing! I love it there and I can really find myself there.

  • Excellent job Susan ! I was in town Sunday, and the local IGA Supermarket had Just Breathe in the spinner rack then ! I pointed it out to my friend who I am sure didn’t realize how exciting it was 🙂
    Loved the YouTube and the photos of course.

    “S + J Forever” awwwwww !


  • Hi Susan! I live in the desert (Arizona), so when I really want to relax and unwind, I take a weekend in San Diego, which is just a 5 hour drive away. The beaches, Coronado Island, all of it just eases life’s stress. :o)

    Have a great day.

  • I go up to the bedroom with the sliding door open an great book and ice tea..set in my new rocker wth some relaxing music..can;t get much better relaxing than that.

  • I love sitting in front of an open window with a spring or summer breeze blowing through. I also love the beach and could walk for hours and hours just listening to the water as it flows in and out with the tide.

  • I go outside my house and take a long walk with my Yorkie Rufus. Just being with him calms me down and seeing the world through his eyes helps me just breathe.

  • laying in bed or on the couch with a good book is definitely my everday breathing time, but i do enjoy getting outside to the beach or in the mountains whenever possible.

  • If the weather cooperates, I love to go out to my backyard, sit in my garden swing and just take in all that surrounds me. When the weather isn’t cooperating, I sit in my living room. It’s an out-of-the-way spot with no traffic where I can breathe and regain some peace. Of course, I have to plan on these moments because life always gets in the way.

  • Time to just sit and breathe would be wonderful!! But with softball and dance, school activities, work, etc. etc. not a lot of time to just breathe.

    I do manage to read every night in bed, so that’s my down time!

  • It’s not a glamorous place, but I’d love to go to the Outer Banks. Growing up, we went there every summer and it still holds a lot of memories. It was such a peaceful place where I could just sit by the water and read for hours on end!

  • The sunroom on the east side of our house, the morning sun is glorious. Various animals come up from the woods to our south including a roadrunner. This morning have been watching a squirrel chewing on the corn we have hanging from a tree. It’s a great place to read, take a nap or just breathe.

  • Hilton Head Island is MY favorite Spot to just breathe but lots of times it is just sitting out on my patio on a nice morning and having breakfast.

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