How does your garden grow?

April 28, 2009

We have a winner! Thanks to, it’s Judy H! Judy gets the book & the aromatherapy bath stuff. Ahhh! I loved everyone’s replies. 

Next givaway question–let us know your favorite flower in the Comments. 


tulips, sound, ferry...ahhh...
tulips, sound, ferry...ahhh...

The prize is fabulous! You get a signed copy of Love In Bloom by the incomparable Sheila Roberts, and of course a signed Just Breathe

Front Cover

  • My favorite flower is the Sweet Pea. Both my paternal grandparents, tho’ divorced,always grew them. My Grandmother made it a point each year to have them blossom by July for both my dad and grandfather’s birthday cakes-she placed them in the center!!! She used an angel food cake pan (thus, the center hole) to cook their chocolate cake with boiled frosting!!

  • I would have to say that my favorite flower is lilacs!!! The house we bought two years ago has a huge bush right outside our picture window. It has been so fun this spring to watch in anticipation the bare branches turn into something beautiful!! They are almost ready to bloom. In the next couple of days they will show their beautiful light purple color and the smell is amazing…I love walking out of the house in the morning and the smell just fills my lungs…what a wonderful way to start a day!!!

  • I’m into doing floral still life images. I haven’t really thought about what my favorite flower is. I love to photograph peonies – the blossoms are so huge. I like zinnias, though because you can keep picking them up until the first frost. Today on my blog I posted a still life image I did of some pink geraniums. Drop by and “smell the flowers” at I posted some wild looking tulips yesterday.

  • Luscious , Lovely Lilacs and Peonies from the garden as well as Roses are a favorite and a wonderful gift to receive anytime.

  • My favorite flower is the gardenia. It was the wedding flower for my mother, my twin and myself and I have cultivated two fragile, twisted trunk gardenia trees in my home. Gardenias grow in huge bushes in the South where, even as a child, I thought the fragrance had to be from heaven. Called the happiness flower, this fragile flower, which turns brown if touched, is known as the flower of grace and artistic merit. The gardenia personality is described as desiring to integrate personality with future goals, and envisions plans to make dreams come true. Sounds like writers to me:o))

  • My favourite flower has always been the red rose, but as the years have progressed I have noticed my attraction to the purple rose, which often times tends to be a hybrid variety! 🙂 I think the sentiment lies in that I am always interested in stories of romance, as that is what I tend to read the most, next to science fiction and cozy mysteries! 🙂 Hence, of course, the red rose was meant to be in my life! 🙂 Such a wonderful question! I am sure many who comment will have an equally personal attachment to what flower draws their attention as well! 🙂 I would be thankful to *win*, as I haven’t yet had the pleasure to read a book of yours or of Sheila Roberts! 🙂 Their both on my list to “gather next!” 🙂 Thank you for offering this opportunity! 🙂

  • My favorite flower to grow is the Moonflower (Impomoea Alba). It is an exquisite satiny white flower, with the most beautiful scent! This plant blooms in the late afternoon and overnight, fading away in mid-morn the next day. I have not found a plant to match them for fragrance or beauty and I plant as many as I can on my 8’4″ sq. balcony (I use the walls and overhead space as well!) and sit out on my small balcony in the evening to enjoy the fragrance and tranquility. I wish I could paste in a picture here but I cannot see a way to do that but if you’d like to see what they look like here’s a link:

  • I’d like to give a big shout-out to the Gladiolus…August’s hot little number! My mom always told me it was MY flower because it blooms in August, the month of my birthday. Still claimin’ it and I don’t care if I sound a little ego-centric!

    LOVE peonies because they give off that accidental “oh just ran out to my flower garden and plucked these little beauties in a Martha Stewart kind of way” vibe!

    New Favorite Flower of the Year: Ronoculous in lipstick pink! Yeowza!

  • My very favorite flower is the white rose; it has a fragrance like no other and it’s delicate beauty is pure heaven! I love ALL flowers however and have two perennial gardens and a bulb garden and an annual garden. On our wedding day my dear hubby sent me one dozen white roses and a lovely, sentimental card that said “For my Bride to Be) on the front. He said he didn’t care for what the inside said so he bought two cards and inserted what the other one said in the Bride to Be one. When I received it I sat on my bed and cried wondering how lucky I was to meet a man like that. He’s never disappointed me and this September we will have been married for 34 years!

  • Pick one? For me, that’s like asking Mother Hubbard to pick her favorite child!

    My favorite is a container packed full of trailing flowers and vines in pale pink, purple, and white ~ it looks like a wedding bouquet all summer long.

    My favorite bouquet is white roses with lilies.

    My favorite tulips are Angelique.

    My favorite flowering bushes are Korean Spice and lace cap hydrangea.

    My favorite fertilizer to keep them blooming all summer long is Peter’s blossom booster.

    I just put my geraniums outside. They wintered-over on my desk and will be as big as a bush by the end of summer.

    Flower World and Molbak’s are calling me! :))

  • My yellow California Poppies…but I also love my blue bachelor buttons and the bluebells! The blue and the yellow in my garden look just wonderful!

  • My favorite flower has to be the California Poppy ! I have found them in other colors once we moved here to the high desert………now there are yellow, mix of yellow and orange, and orange. I have seeds to introduce red ones soon. They are so bright and sunny even on a cloudy day ! Shasta Daisys have to be my second favorite! That is another sunny looking flower !

  • I have loved sunflowers since I was a little girl. People made fun of me picking them because in our state they are considered a noxious weed. A bouquet of sunflowers and white daisies is just the cheeriest thing! Regarding a previous post about best lines in a book (I’ve been on vacation to Savannah), I thought what Connor said to Olivia on the island was a hoot. Oh to be young again.

  • Oh how to pick just a one or two or more. I would have to say that my favs are: Hybiscus, Carnations, and Lilacs. I could go on and on.

  • Guess I did that wrong! :o) It’s early yet.

    I love carnations and gardenias–in white and creamy pastel colors, especially yellow.

    BTW–just finished listening to “Just Breath” in the car. Read the book! Listen to the CD! Great book.

  • DAISIES are my favorite (particularly Gerberas), because they’re just so cheerful! Second is TULIPS… they’re like a breath of fresh air at the end of winter.

    FWIW, I named my cats: Petunia, Daisy and Daffodil.. guess I need to get another one sometime to call Tulip.

  • Peonies are just coming up, soon will be a mass of blooms. Oh random software pick me, pick me. One of my favourite authors Sheila Roberts.

  • While there are so many wonderful flowers, my favorite is lilacs 🙂 Bet you would never have guessed it !


  • My first thought was to say Crocus because it’s always the first flower up in my garden every spring.
    Second thought through my head was Lilies, I just like how they look, seem so elegant to me.
    But my final thought and the one I’ll have to pick are Daisies. My Aunt/second mom, who passed away 22 years ago always called my Daisy so the flower brings back special memories!!

  • Beautiful photo. Is it one of yours?

    Favorite flower? I love roses. But I am also drawn to hibiscus for some reason. I feel the urge to photograph them every time I come across a hibiscus plant/bush. So perfectly, exotically, beautiful.

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