books that changed my life

April 27, 2009

I spent a whole weeks allowance on it.
I spent a whole week's allowance on it.

There are so many books that fall into this category for me, not the least of which was Texas Wildflower, my first published novel. But in my Book Brahmin interview, the first answer that came to mind is this one:

Book that changed your life: Yertle the Turtle by Dr. Seuss. It was the first book I bought with my own money, and it contained one of my earliest writing lessons—go big or go home. At age 7, I had no idea the subtext was meant to be a condemnation of fascism.

What book changed your life? 

  • Honestly, the book that has changed me the most and still changes me is the Bible. There’s always something new I can learn and apply to my life.

  • You are so going to laugh.

    The novelization of The Empire Strikes Back written by Donald F. Glut.

    I picked it up and started reading it in seventh grade. I really hadn’t willing read a book – that wasn’t a comic book – before then.

    From there it was – the Star Wars novels that were available then (before Zahn’s books renewed interest in the 90’s), Star Trek novels, Sunfire books (my first romances), then Regencies – then there was no stopping me. (Throw some Anne Rice in there during eight grade.)

    But as I look back… it was that one book. That one book read over Christmas in 1988. That one book that started it all. The one book that got me actually INTERESTED in reading.

    And I’ve been playing catch up ever since.

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