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April 23, 2009

Another Q from Shelf Awareness:

my childhood library in Olean, NY
my childhood library - MY kind of temple

Book you are an evangelist for:

SW: I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence by Amy Sedaris makes the perfect hostess gift—It’s everyone’s childhood in one volume. And Meeting God in Quiet Places: The Cotswold Parables by F. LaGarde Smith is one I read while losing someone dear to me. I tend to give it to people in need of comfort. Regardless of where you’re coming from, both books are good for the soul, for totally different reasons.

[I love the idea of being a book evangelist. For me, fantasy jobs include bookseller and librarian. Some people sit around dreaming of being astronauts or movie stars. I imagine being in a position to invite people to read! And matching the perfect book with the perfect reader? Heaven.] 

What books are you an evangelist for? What books do you buy over and over, giving them to people simply because you love them?

  • Um, Hello! The Lakeshore Chronicles! I have been passing them around to everyone I know! The only stipulation is that they know Noah Shepard is MINE! 🙂 Still really really loving discovering your books! Finished Summer by the Sea and now I’m out! Time to hit up the Springfield Book Exchange!

  • I have three that I can think of:

    “Happy Birthday to You” by Dr. Seuss. I give this mostly to my grown-up friends, because sometimes everyone needs to be reminded to rally to the cry, “Today is your birthday! Today you are YOU!” (Not to mention, “If you want, you can eat with both hands and both feet!”)

    “Merlin’s Keep” by Madeline Brent, because it’s just one of the best stories I’ve ever read. Too bad it’s out of print (thank Heaven for eBay!).

    And “A Christmas Carol,” by Charles Dickens, because it’s my favorite book of all time. I read it every year and learn something new every time!

    Great topic, Susan! Thanks!

  • I am not really one for giving books unless I really know the person. I will give them a “coffee table” book on somthing I know they will really like or that new best seller by an author I knew they liked. If it was my cousin Trish, i could get her an entertainment book by Martha Steward or Rachel Ray. If it was my brother Peter, it would be the new Dan Brown book or any about sports. . I have to know exactly what the persons intrest lie. I would not want someone to buy me a book just for the sake of it being on the best seller list, fiction or non fiction unless they really knew I would like the book.

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