April 16, 2009

mental health break: http://ping.fm/mmVkM

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  • I was just scrolling the ‘bookshelf’ in my e-reader and noticed at least one duplicate and a bunch of “almost the sames” (not counting series titles where the author intentionally makes them similar.

    I hate coming up with titles. It’s the LAST thing I do most of the time, and I keep hoping my editor or agent will come up with something better. In my computer, my WIPs are in folders cleverly titled Book 1, Book 2 — until I started forgetting which was which, so I’d name them after the protagonist.

    My second book, Starting Over, was literally named because I had finished my first, gone through the post-partum depression phase and I needed to start over with something new. The title actually worked. My next, What’s in a Name? was titled when I had to write something on that line that said, “Title” for a contest entry.

    Worst title? Can’t think of any — not only do I have trouble coming up with them, I can’t seem to remember them once I finish the book (which is why I have often bought the same book more than once.)

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