a love like that…

April 15, 2009

Do yourself a favor and start your day with this poem by Hafiz:

Even after all this time
the sun never says to the earth,
You owe me.

Look what happens with
a love like that.
It lights the whole sky.

Mt Rainier from my beach
Mt Rainier from my beach

  • Wow, small world! I would have been startled as heck but very proud to meet you! Now that the good weather is trying to arrive, maybe we’ll cross paths again someday soon!

  • Gifts of Promise it was! They had that cute little dog in there that I stopped to pet! And of course my hubby and I stopped at the bakery too!! They have the most amazing smells wafting out the door drawing you in! I should have said hi – but that struck me as being a little too creepy fan like….even though, I swear, I AM your biggest fan! 🙂

  • I never, ever tire of looking at Mt. Rainier. It is Mother Nature’s personal gift to Washingtonians, a symbol of her power and majesty.

    Today I planted flower seeds: nasturtiums, sweet peas, bachelor buttons, carnations, icelandic poppies, verbena, and columbine. I find it amazing that a small, hard seed can morph into a beautiful living plant in just a few months. When the seeds sprout and begin to grow, it is just another example of Mother Nature’s power and majesty.

  • You are so lucky to have a view like that! Just beautiful!! My hubby and I spent the weekend on Bainbridge the weekend before Easter – the weather was beautiful and I got to see not quite this view but close enough!! Fantastic!! BTW – I think maybe I saw you in one of the little stores in old time Paulsbo while I was there…was that you??

  • This is beautiful. I look out to bare trees and a fence everyday. But soon the back garden will be blooming with turlips and everything green!! I need to get up to the lake, so I am looking at the waters of Georgian Bay and our beautiful sandy beach.

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