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March 18, 2009

Remember us? Peabody, Sherman and the Wayback Machine
Remember us? Peabody, Sherman and the Wayback Machine

Thanks to all who took part in the Fireside audio giveaway! Here’s how the winners were chosen–with the super-duper Random Integer Generator. This will satisfy anyone’s inner geek. Interested geeks can go here and see how to randomize entries. You just put in the number of entries from 1 to whatever, and tell it to generate the number of columns = to the number of prizes on hand. Et voila! So congrats to Vecia, Molly, Beth, Judy, Pam, and Sandi. I’ve e-mailed you all for your mailing addresses, and you will soon be in Avalon, listening to the latest installment of the Lakeshore Chronicles. This was fun–I’ll do more in the future, so check in now and then. Thanks for the fun, everyone!

  • How do I get in on the give a ways?
    I have emailed you about this before. I am trying to get my online library “Library 2 go” to carry your audio books for mp3 players.
    I know I can buy them.
    I also know that some libraries have your audio books online for mp3 players but mine the Clackamas library in Portland Oregon “Library 2 go” doesn’t have any and I need to find out how to get them to carry them.
    I called The library, Doug said its up to the publisher to OK them for “library 2 go”
    I have purchased a lot of your books all the Bellamy books “table for 5” and more.
    But audio is nice while driving or resting. I would listen to the same books I have read again, if I could.

  • How great ! I actually won something ! And even better, it is something that I really thought would be so nice to have ! AND it is from Susan !

    Yeah ! Sent you an email last night, thank you for doing this give away !


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