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February 09, 2009

(image from wikimedia commons)
(image from wikimedia commons)

Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to post nasty reviews on Amazon. The same person used 4 (and counting) different names to give poor Fireside 4 low ratings. I’m very flattered by the attention!

Three of her fake personae were invented just to trash Fireside. The other has posted nasty reviews for Madeleine Albright, Condoleeza Rice, Bill Clinton, labor unions and Democrats in America. She pretty much hates everything except self-aggrandizing, right-wing memoirs. She probably hates puppies and angel food cake, too.

When people go to that much trouble to be negative, you have to feel sorry for them. This person clearly has personal issues. Also, she didn’t actually read the book, or she would have seen where the storyline went–in an unexpected direction. AJ’s story in Fireside is just something that happened, it’s fiction based on a real situation, like everything else in a novel. It plays into the themes of family, commitment and loyalty, which I love to explore in my fiction.

I don’t need for everyone to love my books, and I have the e-mail to prove it. So I won’t be asking Amazon to remove the review-bombs. Besides, controversy sells books. Just ask President Obama. 🙂

I can’t wait to hear what this one-star bomber thinks of the people of Avalon saving the public library in the next book! PS: She might be my good luck charm, bringing all this attention to my book. It’s currently #1 on the New York Times bestseller list.

  • One can choose to be negative or positive in life.

    And while we all have our tough times, it comes down
    to a matter matter of choice and how we approach and
    look at each situation we face or run into in our lives.

    It is unfortunate that sometimes a person’s success can
    be seen as a threat to someone else. . .(“The why her or
    them and not me syndrome.”)

    If this “burnt out writer” put as much time and effort into positive
    energy as she did with all the negativity that she has generated
    towards others (who have done her no harm), than perhaps she
    could re-invent her “identity as a writer” and possibly find a happy
    medium for not only herself but, also for her writing.

    After all anythings possible. Then again some people are just afraid
    of change, don’t have a great inner-strength and just can’t make
    that leap of faith to unknown and adjust or start over again.

    Just as in life we all need to recharge our batteries and take
    time out for ourselves. Sometimes, we just need to step away
    from the daily grind/routine other wise we become too burnt out
    and all the nasty negativity takes over. We loose sight of all the
    positive accomplishments and wonderful things we have reached
    in our lives.

    Everyone of us has the potential to do great things yet, some times
    we are too proud, too shy, loose our way, or just don’t know how
    to ask for a little help.

    Consistency and telling a good story filled with interesting, honest,
    funny, lovable, characters who touch our hearts and minds is what
    makes Susan Wiggs books so very special. It’s the hope that when
    push comes to shove in life we all would do the right thing.

    (okay, if I’m way off base here than never mind)…:-)

  • Your “anti-fan” clearly has too much free time and too little intelligence or compassion! I don’t know how a person with even half a heart could read “Fireside” and not feel empathy and outrage for little A.J.’s situation. I know that his story will stay with me forever (as many of Susan’s stories do) – especially since I know secondhand that situations like A.J.’s occur all the time in real life. My sister worked at the ICE detention center in our state for a year and participated in the jailing and deportation of many parents. She witnessed personally the anguish this caused American minor children. She eventually resigned from the position because tearing families apart caused her too much heartsickness. (Caveat: not all detainees and deportees are innocent victims – there are violent criminals being held awaiting deportation, which only furthers the injustice of A.J.’s story. Women like Yolanda do not belong in a cell next door to dangerous gang members and criminals while their children suffer in our broken foster care system!)

    After finishing the book hours ago, I researched “Casa de Esperanza” and “Children of Deportees” on Google. The most important detail I found was that a bill called Child Citizen Protection Act H. R. 1176 was introduced to the House of Representatives in 2006, but not passed. The sponsors of the bill, including Casa de Esperanza, are urging Obama and his administration to facilitate the passing of this bill which will reinstate the authority of judges to consider (before making their rulings in immigration cases) the impact on juvenile U.S. Citizens that having a parent/guardian deported will have. Please, please, if A.J.’s story touched you as it did me, email, call or write your Congressmen and Senators urging them to pass this Bill!

    Thank you Susan for another wonderful, honest, hopeful story!

  • Great book…..as usual:o))

    So sad this person has a mean streak as high as the snow piles on my driveway… and that is HIGH, sister!

    She sounds like she would be good fodder for a villain in a book. :o))

  • This is the second post in the last two days that has been about someone writing nasty reviews multiple times!!!

    I feel sorry for the individual that felt so compeled to pass along as much negativitey as possible. She might be reaching out in the only way she can, unfortunatley. And I think Kathleen is right about her possibly being a burnt writer. It seems that she really needs some positive influences in her life.
    As far as Fireside…love it!!! Hands down the best book I have read in the last six months. Keep up the good work Susan! I can’t wait to read your next book!


  • As an avid reader, I pay no attention to reviews. I have better things to do with my time than to read loser postings.

    I checked #2 on the list, Montana Creeds: Logan by Linda Lael Miller, which btw, was a great story. I can’t wait for the next installments! She has the same type of reviews, along with Robyn Carr on Second Chance Pass.

    I’ll just stick to the blogs of my fav authors.

    Susan, thanks for a great story. This was another book that I can’t part with 🙂

  • That reviewer does not a good story if it jumped up and bit her on the as…I mean behind.

    I am into the ninth chapter and only put it down because I had to get into the shower and the book is not water proof. Even with my blurry vision in one eye, I cannot stop reading this book. So far it is a great story and I love Bo, Kim and especially AJ.

    This person has obvisouly tried to write her own story and has not been successful and now takes her agnst out on your wonderful book.

    Your loyal fans eagerly await the next story of the citizen Avalon with baited breath.

  • Let us not forget this is a CONTEMPORARY novel. A story which just happens to have a plot about a child who would have been put into foster care or on the street in real life. The storyline brings together Bo (a well defined character) and a son whom he has never met, learns to love and would do anything for and Kimberley. (Is that not what a parent or parents should be doing – loving and go through hell or high water to make sure the child is safe – sheeesh.)

    What ever anyone’s potilical leanings are – the fact is there are too children in this world who are hurt by adults and laws.

    Fireside is a novel. A very delightful story with a dose of reality. As always, the Lakeshore Chronicles has a story line worthy of reading and characters whom I want to see and hear about in the next book.

  • Your loyal fans appear to have spanked the crank!

    I’m so happy to see that my absolutely, positively favorite author is experiencing so much success Valentine’s week! How appropriate! Joy tears for you, Susan!

    I bought the book at Costco hot off the presses before the reminder card arrived and read it cover-to-cover on Saturday. My eyes about bugged out at some of the scenes ~ couldn’t believe you wrote the wicked parting shot in the principal’s office! Yes, that sound you heard in the wee hours of Sunday morning was me hooting and howling.

    On Sunday afternoon, I was delighted to see your publicist’s clever work in the paper.

    And, today, I heard from the P-I that FIRESIDE is #1.

    Congratulations, Susan! Karma’s giving you a kiss for all the wonderful and generous things you do. You go, girl!

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