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January 30, 2009

old-school post
old-school "post"

Back when I was a teacher, I instituted “Helper Fridays: Saving Your Sanity One Tip at a Time” on a small chalkboard by the door in my classroom. Students would come up with an organizational tip and post it. “Posting,” back in the day, meant writing it in chalk on slate. Yes, I’m that old.

Today’s Helper Friday tip: If you follow more than one or two blogs, this is the best way to organize them. Sign up for Google Reader (you’ll need to sign in with your Google account; if you don’t have a Google -gmail- account, you have to register for free but it’s only the one time) and tell it which blogs you like. Once you do that, you’ll find all your blogs listed in one place. Type Google Reader into the address bar, et voila. It lists all your favorite blogs and you can sample the ones you like. You know what? I just did a lousy job explaining this. Do yourself a favor and read Elizabeth’s post about Google Reader. She’ll walk you through it.

One of my favorites? Shrinking Violet Promotions, a blog for introverted authors looking to promote their books. And lookee there. Today’s guest blogger is moi! Blathering on about you-know-what. Happy surfing!

  • In fact I’m beginning to hate it when I can’t find an rss feed for a website! – I am so addicted to me Google Reader!

  • I put everything in Blogger which is powered by Google Reader. I rarely use Google Reader to follow the blogs, but essentially, it’s the same thing. I LOVE seeing all of the blog updates on one page. I also hooked my personal blog to my Facebook account so everything is connected somehow. I’m a little late jumping into technology, but it’s amazing what it’ll do.

  • Google Reader – will check it out. I have my favorite blogs all in a row under “Favorites” often read a few before starting to work. Good thing I work at home. Oh my it is 9:26 and I am late for the office. Thankfully it is the next room.

    Lovely interview too.

    Will check out Google reader as I have an account.

    Thanks, I love informative blog / web sites.

  • What’s great about Google Reader is it doesn’t matter how many blogs you follow. It’s like having a stack of magazines on the coffee table. You can browse, read, share, discard.

    I always seem to relate digital things to the real world. My inner Amish Girl is showing.

  • I love google reader! Cause I can read my blogs in one place and I don’t have to install anything on my computer! And it is a webpage! and I can just log in and read them! Anywhere! WEEEEE! (Don’t ask me how many blogs I have in it.)

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