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January 29, 2009

Okay, the thrill of this is probably limited, but I had to share. Today’s USA Today features this ad for Fireside. I’m in favor of anything that assures my parents I have a real job:

telling the world
telling the world

  • Wonderful Susan! I concur – your parents know you are not sitting around eating bon bons.

    Not geeky Susan, it is just cool to see it when you have worked so hard, especially with the 18 editors behind you w/blue pencils. You are blessed with many talents. Oh and you are pretty too. Love the hair.
    (All those with fine straight hair are in envy!)

  • Great ad!!! Congrats. I am sure your parents will know now that you have a real job!!
    I a wait my copy. Hopefully it will be here soon!!

  • Oh, I wanted to add that I got my postcard/coupon today. I can’t use the coupon because I already bought the book, but it’s really great-looking and printed so well.

  • LOL about Ron Paul! It came up on mine, too! And I am squealing!

    I celebrate release date by going into hiding because it’s soooo distracting to get all the constant input of numbers and such.
    When I was young and stout of heart, I used to have all my feelers out to see if I could tell how sales were going. There was even an 800 number you could call to type in an ISBN, and find out how many books a certain distributer has on hand. I quickly learned, that way lies madness.

    My tireless cheerleader of an agent and my fabulous editor give me a heads-up when something cool is happening. I saw a pdf of this ad yesterday, but it’s infinitely cooler in person. Cool to a geek like me, that is.

  • Well, if I were a regular reader of USA Today and saw that ad today, I would have squealed with delight. That is how much I am looking forward to the latest installment of the Lakeshore Chronicles!

    Can’t wait to read it!

  • Beautiful ad Susan, congrats ! Somehow I don’t think that your parents think you sit at home petting Barkis and eating bon-bons in all your spare time 🙂 Thrilling for sure to see that ad !


  • One of the possibly-related links at the bottom of your post was about a Ron Paul ad. I like to think you have more supporters than that, but maybe it was to prove to his parents that he was running for President.

    Congratulations on the big ad! I was stupid and preordered Fireside (not the stupid part) with a book that doesn’t come out until the end of the month so now I have to wait, but I look forward to reading it. I love the cover! Any plans for the big release date? Do you refresh Amazon’s bestseller list page or anything like that?

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