January 23, 2009


Barkis is handsome and not afraid to show it. Soapbox: Dobermans have wonderful ears, and I wish breeders and owners would never, ever crop them.

  • Barkis – so noble in his heart.

    We have adopted a cat for a bit. She does not have front claws — how can breeders do this?? Claws, ears & tails – NEVER see the reasoning for such cruelty. Perhaps I should explain the “a bit.” Allergy to cat dander but seem to be coping until we find a wonderful home for her.

    Back to Barkis – so regal & intelligent.

  • My favorite guy! :o))
    And thanks for the slide show on your home page of your world. It made me”homesick”! It brought back such warm, wonderful memories of my soul deep joy being there in September 07. Thank you for that blessing. I still stand on your beach in my memory bank mesmerized by the world awakening…the tide rolling back revealing beach treasures, the call of the gulls as the sun rises in all its glory before the grandeur of Ranier, my morning greeting from Barkis, and the fun filled conversation as I savored the java with you in the stillness of early morning.

    That experience continues to bless me…thank you.

  • Oh what a handsome guy he is. I will show this picture to one of my nieces who is animal crazy. She loved that your thought her “Abby” on a previous day was a cutie.

  • I do love his ears. It makes him look so much less scary than other Dobermans. I’m a touch scared of dogs I don’t know so this goes a long way for me. I met Judith McNaught and her two Dobermans in 2007 and when they were walked into the room, I sat WAY in the back and didn’t move a muscle. Totally freaked out. They were totally terrifying-looking.

    I love how Barkis’s cape/jacket doesn’t take away from how noble and regal he looks.

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