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January 13, 2009

…to bring you a rainbow. My friend Tim wrote a beautiful post about midwinter and S.A.D., so I put a link to this in his comments:

after the rain

and a sunset…

30 in January
4:30 in January

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  • A pleasure to read. So well written. I was up past the artic circle in northern Canada for Christmas one year – now that was dark. We did hibernate. The grey light of dawn or twilight melded together for an hour or two, only to settle back into cold darkness again. His writing brought back the memory of utter blackness and the cold, so crisp, one might shatter if touched.

    I loved his line “I crave light, pruning high up in the trees around my house to open more patches of sky, …..” and “When the world is muffled, at its darkest, there lies possibility…”

    Thanks for sharing his work. (The sun is shining in Vancouver today – hope it is shining there too.)

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