new word: lenticular

January 06, 2009

New to me, anyway. Here is a shot of lenticular clouds, taken by Jay from my beach. More here.

lenticular clouds over Mt Rainier
lenticular clouds over Mt Rainier

  • It’s funny because I used that word the other day. It’s actually a form of printing, and I work in the exciting direct mail fundraising industry so it came up (previously incorrectly referred to as a hologram). Either way, the clouds and mountain are beautiful! Mountains creep me out. I’m not used to them so seeing them just weirds me out. 🙂 It’d be like being somewhere where it gets dark at night. If I don’t have the street lights or city noise, I get a little antsy.

    The pictures are all beautiful! I’m more and more jealous of the view from there everyday.

  • Beautiful shot Jay!

    I have heard that word from my mom for years, but never so much as while we have lived here in the high desert. We sit at just above 4000 feet. My mom is the “weather maven” of the family, and is always thrilled to point out odd and different cloud formations. We see those lenticular clouds frequently, it is 13 miles to town, so lots of time to “cloud watch”. I have never seen such gorgeous sunsets anywhere else I have lived either.

    Have a great day everyone !

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