Braille Bicentennial

January 04, 2009

Lillian, a reader, and her guide dog Lucy
Lillian, a reader, and her guide dog Lucy

It’s the 200th anniversary of the birth of Louis Braille, who invented a way for the blind to read and write. Genius! Another technology hasn’t replaced Braille for writing–it’s still the standard.  I first met Lillian as a reader who wrote me letters about my books. Last year at a booksigning, we finally got to meet. I know she joins me in saying, Bonne anniversaire, Louis!

  • Susan,

    I didn’t realize this is the anniversary of M. Braille’s birth. What a gift he gave the world!

    I love the picture of your friend and reader, Lillian…. And the way Lucy is looking at her is priceless.

    Thank you for always cheering my day with uplifting content on your blog!

  • Oui, merci M. Braille. It is difficult to watch a loved one loose their sight. Mother is now blind in one eye and some sight in the other. The hardest thing for her to deal with is being unable to read. Unfortunately, she has not learned braille. No mobility to change cd/tape books. I am grateful for my sight today, my hearing to hear the written word, and touch to stay in contact with the world.

    (PS – cried buckets over Home Before Dark, you have a way with the written word)

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