December 2008

best of 2008

Everybody’s doing a “Year’s Best” — here’s mine, in completely random order:   best romance novel to re-read: The Windflower by Laura London (aka Tom and Sharon Curtis) second-best re-read: Hummingbird by

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the reader's dilemma

It’s nothing new (pun intended)–used book sales have been a part of the publishing equation ever since the first undergrad sold her first college textbook back to the bookstore in order

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Snowfall at Willow Lake is a finalist for a Reviewer’s Choice Award from RT Book Reviews. RT is the one publication that has reviewed every novel I’ve ever written. Thanks, RT!

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in case you missed it…

Even if you’ve seen this before (it’s had like a bajillion views on YouTube), it’s worth watching again. Pretty much the best dog-in-the-snow video ever: [youtube=]

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Now let's REALLY go shopping!

So if yesterday’s retail-a-thon was not quite your thing, here’s an even better alternative. There’s giving, and then there’s giving.  Feed the hungry, save the earth, cure disease, give sight

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Let's go shopping!

My friends and family don’t read my blog. They get enough of me in person. So I will list a few of the gifts I’ve bought for people this year.

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