November 5 gratitude

November 05, 2008 | 15 Comments

1. Port Townsend, Washington, one of the prettiest, most entertaining towns in America. (The photo of me on the left was taken at sunset in Port Townsend; that’s the Keystone ferry in the background.)

2. Barkis. On a chilly day like today, he sits on my feet and keeps them warm while I write.

3. A fine outcome to the election. I’m filled with hope!

world's best footwarmer

November 3 and 4 gratitude

November 03, 2008 | 23 Comments

Today and tomorrow I’m going to fudge a little and only post one item of gratitude. I’m only posting the one because it’s the biggest, most important thing on every American’s agenda today. I am grateful for the right to vote.

For the past eight years, this country has been held in chains and nearly brought to ruin by the disastrous Bush administration. In the 2004 election, I voted out of a sense of duty–but without much hope. This year feels different. This year, I marked my ballot with a sense of pride and hope. It’s remarkable that I can feel that way in these times of economic disaster and war, but this country is resilient. We will survive and thrive.

Please vote. It matters now more than ever before.


What are you grateful for today?

November 2 gratitude

November 02, 2008 | 15 Comments

Three things I’m grateful for:

great read
great read

1. friends I love, whose books I love. Like Robyn Carr, whose new novel hits the stores today.

2. DVR – I never have to watch a commercial anymore, and it’s totally set to record “The Daily Show” every night, and “Sunrise Earth” every morning.

3. a daily phone call to my sweet parents. I’m so glad they’re healthy and happy.

What are you grateful for today?

November 1 gratitude

November 01, 2008 | 7 Comments

Three Things I’m Grateful For:

1. My friend Elizabeth, for her friendship and for her passion about the upcoming election. If you haven’t read her posts about the issues, kick back and enjoy. She’s a genius.

2. People who care passionately about writing, like Anna Quinn, who is opening a new store TODAY just for writers, called The Writers Workshoppe, purveying “Tools, books, gifts and classes to inspire your inner writer.”

“This shop is for anyone who wants to write, has to write, feels crazy if they don’t write, aches to write, can’t write, wishes they could write, is scared to write. It’s for those who don’t know where to start. Or where to end. It’s for anyone interested in developing the craft of writing, or would just like to own a t-shirt that says, ‘eschew obfuscation.'”

3. A Hallowe’en visit last night from my adorable neighbors, including The Little Mermaid:

Trick or treat!
Trick or treat!


What are you grateful for today?


the gratitude project

November 01, 2008 | 121 Comments

give thanks
give thanks

Please join me this month in the gratitude project. Expressing gratitude for things large and small is incredibly good for you. There’s probably a psychological study proving it, but you don’t need a study. If you do this simple exercise once a day, you’ll know it works, because you’ll feel better.

Every day from now until Thanksgiving, I’ll be posting three things I’m grateful for. Some will be silly, some profound, but all will be honest and from the heart. I invite you to join me in this exercise. I’d love it if you’d post your list in the “comments” section below, because readers and writers never fail to inspire me. But you don’t have to. Keep your list private if you wish. The important thing is to specify something you’re grateful for, and write it down.  Or put it on your blog or share with a friend. Feel free to pass the suggestion along. I’d be eternally grateful.

Your turn. What are you grateful for today?