November 26 gratitude

November 26, 2008

Three things I’m grateful for:

1. The Internet, for enabling foreign publishers to inquire about translation rights to my books. I’m also grateful to my foreign rights agent and publisher for following up on each inquiry. Thanks to these connections, I’m going to be published in a bunch of new foreign countries.

2. My favorite Italian food site, by Deborah Mele, with recipes like Winter Minestrone and links to Italian pottery.

3. Sweet videos like this, a global performance of “Stand by Me.” First seen (I think) on Bill Moyers Journal. Be sure to watch to the end. Four minutes of fun!



What are you grateful for right now?

  • I am grateful that I had the money to purchase a chance on the lottery today.

    I am grateful for my brother Mike who’s birthday it was today.

    I am grateful that I have a warm place to sleep, food to eat, clothes to keep me warm, when so many in the world do not have all of these things.

  • I’m gratefulful I was able to cook today, with loads of help from my dear sweet husband. He did the last of the grocery shopping (pies and such) and moved the heavy stuff, to mention just a couple of things. Like the song from “Sound of Music” says, “Somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good” to deserve this man.
    I’m so grateful for my family, from the parents and grandparents who are already gone, to the grandchildren, including steps and greats, who are so precious.
    I am grateful for my comfortable bed, in which I will be horizontal very shortly! Then, maybe my poor, beleagured back will stop hurting.
    Happy Thanksgiving, all.

  • I am grateful for house sparrows – such delightful little birds. The first wild bird I raised (before I figured out to raise and release) was a female sparrow I named Myrtle. She rode to work with me every day because I had to feed her every 15 minutes during the daylight hours. She learned to fly in my office. She was a wonderful pet for 17 years. I have raised several dozen since, but Myrtle was the best 🙂

    I am grateful for the warm house and the barrels of kindling we have gathered for the winter – sitting next to the cords of nice dry wood in the woodshed.

    I am grateful for garden hoses. I get so used to hauling water by buckets in the winter, and to be able to use a hose without having to drain it and detach it from the spicket is a luxury……..soon to end though as winter sets in.

  • –I am grateful, most grateful, for the Stand Buy Me video. It put me in just the right frame of mind. The first time I listened to it, tapping my toe. The second time, I chair danced. The third time, I stood up and danced all over the room. Thank you, Susan.

    –I am grateful for shoehorns. I use mine every day.

    –I’m grateful for clients who pay their bills promptly. I’m self-employed, and they have no idea how much I rely on those prompt payments to stay current on my own budget. Thankfully, most of my clients are totally wonderful and pay within days of receiving their statement.

  • Grateful for:

    Inspired people who can bring together musicians from all over the world to play ‘Stand By Me’


    Music to carry us through the day

    Thanks Susan for sharing.

  • 1. The new veggie garden

    2. The nice clerk at Michael’s framing department, who trimmed my picture so I could fit it into a stock 16×20 frame and save the cost of custom framing — and waived the usual fee. Maybe the cute factor of the photo helped.

    3. Google Alerts for When Danger Calls. People are checking it out. Maybe they’re pre-ordering. But I’m grateful just that they’re looking. Honest.

  • I am grateful for:

    1. An impromptu piano concert by my “visiting” son last evening.
    2. My sitting room, where I can be creative as well as cozy.
    3. The local coffee shop. A nice place for the occasional splurge.

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