November 25 gratitude

November 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Eric!
Happy Birthday Eric!
  1. a repeat viewing of Good Will Hunting, which I haven’t seen in years; watching the film in light of last month’s Michael Hauge workshop was very enlightening
  2. Boston Legal, which makes me laugh
  3. birthday cake! Who doesn’t love birthday cake!

What are you grateful for today?

  • I am grateful for my landlords who have the confidence in me to know when they go away the house is left in good hands.

    I am grateful that I don’t have to drive to far in the snow.

    I am grateful to be able to see my favourite start win on DWTS.

  • I’m grateful today that Brooke and Derek got the “lovely” DWTS trophy tonight. She seems to be such a class act.
    I’m grateful that my husband is coming home from work early tonight. Of course, he doesn’t get paid for the off hours, but his company is worth a lot to me!!
    I’m grateful that the cake I was making for our dinner Thursday can be made again. It slightly overcooked, but only by about 10 minutes. It’s not burned, so with vanilla pudding, I can make a trifle with all but the edges. Whew!
    I have a fourth thing to be grateful for this evening. My son called earlier today and said that he had found an old friend who is sort of down and out and has nowhere to go for dinner Thursday. My son felt comfortable asking if the old friend could join us for dinner, and he was confident I would say “of course”. I’m grateful that he knew he could receive a positive answer, and I’m grateful that I’ve been given a spirit of generosity for sharing with others, whatever the need might be.

  • Grateful it only took 2 times to get the baby to sleep.

    I’m grateful that Scrubs is coming back soon.

    I’m grateful for George Clooney (the boy ha Goodnight and Good Luck on).

    Love Good Will Hunting. Of course, it makes us laugh whenever we say “It’s not your fault.”

  • 1. A beautiful day to use my solar clothes dryer. (60 degrees)

    2. My sister’s oldest is having his 38th birthday today.

    3. One more day until we go to K.C. for a big weekend with family.

  • 1. A temporary (two day) office job which helped somebody who was in a bind.
    2. Having my son home from college for the holiday.
    3. Having my son happy to be home from college for the holiday! (Of course he’ll be ready enough to leave in a few days…)

  • –I am grateful that I can sleep like a rock. This morning the furnace oil guy came in his big noisy truck and delivered oil to the tank which is right outside my bedroom slider–which was open for the fresh air. He came and went, and I never heard him.

    –I am grateful for Millstone Chocolate Velvet coffee with cream (sinful!) and homemade biscuits hot from the oven and slathered with butter and Smucker’s strawberry preserves.

    –I’m grateful for the humor of animals. I was just petting my cat beside my chair, and suddenly he seemed all boney and hard, not soft and cuddly. I looked down and my dog had shoved the cat aside and thrust her head into my hand

  • Grateful work was over at 11 pm last night and accomplished a lot

    Grateful for the massage this morning

    Grateful the sun is shining

  • I am grateful for the good diet we can have if we look for it.,,,,,,,,,and on that bent, I am grateful for healthful granola cereal, fat free yogurt and raw almonds. Very filling and nutritious and yummy!

    I am grateful for each day I wake up and can climb out of bed. Each day is so precious and I fully realize that and enjoy each and every one.

    My dvr and the foresight to record Boston Legal as it was airing, so I can watch the last half hour that I fell asleep during 🙂

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