November 23 gratitude

November 23, 2008

Three things I’m grateful for:

  1. Google. Let me count the ways. If you need a recipe, type in “recipe” followed by your key ingredients. If you need a map, type in “map” followed by the name or zip code of the place. Ditto weather. Ditto “define” followed by shunpike or conglobate or whatever word you need to define. There are so many other shortcuts to put in that little Google box–calculate, flights, hotels, phone numbers, you name it. Try some of your own.
  2. Google Reader, Google Images, Google News, Google Alerts and sometimes even Froogle. The hours of searching these engines save…the mind boggles. [Note about Google Alerts–this is not for faint-hearted authors. It will find all mentions–news, blogs, articles, etc.–of the phrase you tell it to search for, and send it to your e-mail. So if you set a Google Alert to catch your name or book title, gird your loins for the onslaught. Remember that people will say anything on a blog, even nasty stuff about you and your books. It’ll also catch people being nice–really nice. And the occasional oddity. For example, Google Alert sends me a link every time the other Susan Wiggs–a Vancouver teacher in a dispute over union dues–makes the news.
  3. …and their latest, which wickedly pleases my sarcastic side, “Let Me Google That For You.” Next time you get a clueless, easily-resolved question from a co-worker, type his question into the search bar and click any button. LMGTFY will then create a link to share, directing the co-worker to a page with a Google tutorial with his specific question. The tutorial ends with snarky, “Was that so hard?” and a list of the search results. Note: if you’re really exasperated, you might need to bump it up a level. Just don’t use that one on your mother.

What are you grateful for today?

  • I am grateful that I only have myself to look after when I am sick. I cannot imagine having a husband and kid to look after when you have the flu or a cold or what ever the aliminte is.

    I am grateful for my mother who call and checks up on me, when no one else does.

    I am grateful that for my friends in Florida who are New England fans, that the Patriots won the football game today

  • Right now, I’m thankful for Chinese food. Later, I won’t be as thankful, but so yummy right now.

    I’m also thankful for having the best baby ever. Yesterday was a trial and she hung in there with the best of them. She was the least cranky of all of us!

  • –I am grateful for unexpected surprises that tie in with a current theme. For instance, today I got an e-mail describing how to make a Gratitude Tree for a Thanksgiving centerpiece. You cut out “fall leaves” from colored paper and punch a hole in them for hanging later. Then mail TG dinner invites to friends/family and stick a couple leaves in each envelope, asking guests to fill out what they’re grateful for on the leaves, and bring them to dinner. You collect guests leaves and insert twine ties, and tie them onto a “tree” (bare tree branch stuck in vase covered in burlap & tied w/festive bow). Isn’t that just the neatest idea?!!
    –I am grateful for friends who lift me up when I’m down and who love me, faults and all.
    –I’m grateful that when appproaching elderly-ness causes me to do weird things, I can laugh at myself. Like when I was at the park & ride and I jumped into my friend’s car when she pulled up, chattering away as I fastened the seatbelt, then screamed when I looked over at her and realized I’d jumped into a stranger’s car. Thank goodness she had a sense of humor and laughed as hard as I did!

  • 1. A quiet-looking little novel from the library that’s turning out be a great read.
    2. Today, for the first time, my cat and dog napped next to each other. It was too cute.
    3. Crisp, cold, sunny, blustery fall days.

  • Again, you make me laugh out loud. There is nothing wrong with being sarcastic. It helps in life especially when you need to “bump it up a bit.”

    I think we are all grateful for google.

    Grateful the bad drivers cannot hear me when I “biuab”

    Grateful for a warm cozy bed tonight, it is getting colder

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