November 22 gratitude

November 22, 2008

Three things I’m grateful for:

  1. really good ear buds for cheap
  2. iTunes! Instant gratification when you absolutely need a great song now.
  3. Elizabeth again. She got a great hair makeover which she did as part of the Great American Job Fair on Good Morning America. 

What are you grateful for today?

  • I am grateful for having a microwave oven so that when I don’t want to stand over the stove I can just sap my meals.

    I am grateful that there were so many good movies on TV tonight.

    I am grateful that I can see and hear these good movies.

  • –I am grateful for honest, ethical people. Today the roofer, who had subcontracted to have my gutters done, came out to inspect the job. He was very unhappy with how the gutter guy had improvised at a difficult section of my roof. This wonderful guy (roofer) went to Home Depot, bought what he needed, and came back and spent 3 hours fixing the gutter job. At no cost to me whatsoever.

    –I am grateful for Corn Nuts. They satisfy a deep, primal need to CHEW something CRUNCHY!

    –I am grateful for my new printer that self-diagnoses when it has a problem, then tells me in plain, non-technical English how to fix it (or fixes itself!).

    Susan, thank you so much for making this opportunity available to us. It is my goal to post my 3 gratitudes every day this month. I thought it would be difficult to come up with 3 things every day, but it isn’t! I think you should compile these in a book! It has been so rewarding reading everyone else’s grateful posts.

  • I’m grateful that yesterday Betty’s gratitude came after mine as my twin’s name was Betty and I miss her so, but at least we were together in name only on this blog!

    Alas! I am grateful that today Betty’s gratitude comes before mine…again…”twinned” with Betty!!

    I am grateful for my youngest son whose birthday is tomorrow! He is AWEsome:o))

  • I’m grateful for a good night’s sleep last night. I don’t get them often, and I end up feeling cranky, icky and crooked most of the day from lack of sleep.
    I’m so grateful for central heat and air. I’ve heated a house with space heaters before, and I much prefer this!
    I’m grateful that I get to be a small part of this gratitude project. I feel better when I’m grateful. Complaining is such a drag!

  • I’m grateful for naps. Every weekend, the husband gets up with the baby. This morning, he went grocery shopping for Thanksgiving so I was on earlier baby duty than I usually am. Luckily, she fell back asleep with me so I got some extra shut eye.

    Now I’ll be grateful if she doesn’t destroy the apartment.

  • Saturday’s List

    I am grateful for the delay of the onslaught of snow in the area. Cold yes, but no precipitation of any kind. A November gift !

    I am grateful for online recipes. I had packed all my vintage cookbooks in anticipation of our move…… online recipes are very helpful !

    I am grateful for my house finch, who finds cheery things to say when he hears me rise each morning.

  • I’m grateful for your books. I discovered you not too long ago, Susan. I was a huge LaVerle Spencer in the day, also a Barbara Delinskey fan. You’re right up there with both of them, a huge compliment from this little corner of my world. Keep on doing what you’re doing…

  • 1. Pets, for the joy they can bring. (prompted by the sad task daughter and her hubby had to make to put one of their dogs down yesterday).

    2. Susan, my massage therapist for the ‘most pleasure a person can have without moving a muscle’

    3. A solid night’s sleep

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