November 20 gratitude

November 20, 2008

Three things I’m grateful for:

  1. a six-hour phone and Internet outage today = six hours of uninterrupted writing
  2. seeing a comment from an old friend on this blog
  3. Google, for putting the entire LIFE magazine photo archive online:
Children follow the Drum Major at the University of Michigan, 1950.
Children follow the Drum Major at the University of Michigan, 1950.
Children follow the Drum Major at the University of Michigan, 1950.   
  “Another picture I hope to be remembered by is this one of the drum majorrehearsing at the University of Michigan. It was early in the morning, and Isaw a little boy running after him, and all the faculty children in the playingfield ran after the boy, and I ran after them. This is a completely spontaneous, unstaged picture.”   – Alfred Eisenstaedt

What are you grateful for today?

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  • Grateful that I still have my mother 80 and aunt 79 still with me. They are what has kept me from despair this last year.

    I am grateful that there are medications that can help this terrible bronchitis I have from worsning.

    I am grateful that when I am so sick I have great books to read.

  • I have much to be grateful for again today. I think I only have half the head cold I had yesterday. It’s really cool what a bit of determination can do. I had too much to do today to be sick!
    I’m grateful that I was able to help my husband move things from one storage unit to another, rather than just sitting around being decorative and feeling sort of useless. I may pay tomorrow, but I feel good about today.
    Our children who are moving across the country are within a couple of hours of their new home tonight, and I’m SO grateful that they have had a safe trip. I know that God’s hand was on them all the way, on straight roads and through mountains. It’s been fun “riding” with them via cell phone, and knowing how well all the grandkids have done. My daughter said it will be a long while before she drives any further than the grocery store!

  • 1. A good and hearty bowl of chili after a frigid dogwalk!
    2. Cute men to wonder about (being that I’m single).
    3. The first house in the neighborhood with Christmas lights.

  • –I am grateful for the luxurious feel and scent of clean sheets and pillowcases on the bed.

    –I am grateful for Mother Nature in the form of wind. I love wind. It makes me feel energized.

    –I am grateful for my glasses, without which I would be blind.

  • For no rain last night, my last class at UBC non fiction creative writing course, we walked to Peter’s condo (magnificent place – wow) – we had a great time reading and critquing, drinking wine, and eating. For a group who only met 8 weeks ago, we have bonded. Everyone is so talented.

    For Mandy, our instructor, who is from Virginia and read her piece. She is so very talented, we all want her to instruct an advanced course in writing non fiction.

    For Life magazine – it was one of my father’s favourite magazines. I loved the photography as did my Dad – he had a great eye for beauty.

    And No.4 today, we are have a belated Canadian Thanksgiving with my Mother in law who is visiting from the FAR NORTH. All my kiddies come home for dinner.

  • I’m grateful for:
    Being grateful!

    For my neighbor FINALLY getting around to blowing the leaves off of his yard…always the last to do so after we are all finished…and only blowing NINTY percent of them into my lawn after I just finished raking and then he came out. Could have been 100% of his leaves.

    For being HEALTHY enough to RE-rake my leaves….hopefully with a happy heart and not a bitter one :o)) Yay! more calories burned off so I can soothe my muscles with chocolate

  • I am grateful that I had my husband for the years I did. He was born this day in 1953 and would have been 55 today ! He would have found that so funny…….He passed away in 2004 and we share a wonderful son, who shows his father’s imagination and humor every day.

    I am grateful for it not being frozen today, have another trek to Reno to a different doc for mom.

    I am grateful that my son has grown into such a lovely caring and interesting young man.

    Have a great day everyone !

  • Diet Dr Pepper – for not tasting as bad as some other diet drinks

    Hot Cider – cause it is good on a cold day… and not as heavy as hot cocoa moo.

    Quiet time to read… except when… you have to be at work… and you want to finish the book you are reading… but you have to earn a living… *sigh*

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