November 18 gratitude

November 18, 2008

Three things I’m grateful for:

  1. friends who put their trust in me
  2. a literary agent who is a fount of clever, amazing, outside-the-box ideas
  3. the lovely colors of nature in my garden today:

What are you grateful for today?

  • –I am grateful for online shopping. Instead of driving from store to store to find that one item I need, I can almost always find it on the Internet.

    –I’m grateful for my online prayer group of 8 writers. We share and pray for each other, support each other, and vent when things get tough.

    –I’m grateful for coarse-ground black pepper. I adore pepper, love the smell of pepper!

  • Thankful for:
    1. The chance to introduce my husband to one of my students.

    2. Anything sung by Jonny Lang (esp. THANKFUL!)

    3. My book exchange with friends.

  • I am thankful that I am so close to my public library and when I go in the girls know who I am and get me my books I have put on hold with out showing them my library card.

    I am thankful that there are still people in the world who will talk to a strangers while you are waiting in line at the bank.

    I am thankful that my favourite dancers are still in the “Dancing with the Stars” contest.

  • This morning, my brother and I reminisced again about our mother, who left this life in August of this year. I realized anew how much she passed on to me of her creative bent. I’m grateful that she taught me the value of making quilt squares properly, then putting them together properly, to result in a beautiful piece of fabric art.
    I am grateful that she taught me to appreciate floral arranging. I can’t arrange for trying, but I certainly can appreciate the talent that goes in to it!
    I’m grateful that Mother taught me by example the fine art of sewing. She made clothes for me as I grew up, from the simplest of play clothes to the most elaborate of formal gowns. As a result, I, too clothed my children by my sewing machine as they grew. Now, one of my daughters is clothing her daughters, and I hope this skill continues to be perpetuated throughout the generations. What a legacy, and what fun!! I have a quilt made from scraps of clothes I wore as a young girl. My mother and her mother made both the clothes and the quilt. It’s awesome!
    I really miss my mother. She couldn’t get well, so God broke my heart to prove that He takes only the best. I’m so grateful she was my mother and my friend.

  • I am grateful that I had the ambition to get on the treadmill again today!

    I am grateful for the many books I have to read that help me forget about whatever may be going differently than I planned.

    I am grateful that I have a Father who will listen to me go on and on and on!

  • I am grateful that I know how to drive on black ice to arrive home safely. Last night we had white-outs in SE Wisconsin.

    I am grateful for fresh brewed, black coffee here in the office.

    I am grateful to have 3 days to myself this weekend. I will officially be a deer hunter widow’s.

    I am grateful to know that my 2 boys are growing up into responsible teenagers.

  • Online banking.

    The lack of sibling rivalry in the relationships of the four of us kids since we grew up.

    My cat waiting for me outside the bathroom almost every morning after my bath.

  • Tuesday’s list

    I am grateful always for the friendship and love I share with my mother.

    I am grateful for the healthy foods available to us today to enhance our lives and energy – it has made all the difference in the world to me.

    I am grateful to see the wild cat outside my kitchen window each morning. She is too scared to come close, but is darling and nice company. I worry for her living out with the wild things, so am always relieved and happy too to see her.

    I also continue to be grateful for this exercise – thank you again Susan !

    Janesville, CA

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