November 17 gratitude

November 17, 2008

adorable child
adorable child

Three things I’m grateful for:

My clever and sweet daughter, for everything she does.

Google Reader, which puts all my favorite blogs in one place.

NPR, which gives me something interesting to listen to while working in the garden.

What are you grateful for today?

  • –I am grateful for my new roof. Let the rains come!

    –I am grateful that the prices for gas and furnace oil have come down.

    –I am grateful that even though I’ve been swamped with work these past few days, I can still come here and post my belated gratitudes.

  • I’m grateful for friends new and old-ish.

    For losing my job cuz it’s giving me time to write, reconnect and relax. Some things I’ve needed for a looooong time.

    the many shades of green in this beautiful world!

  • Today I am grateful for the echoing words, “Good-bye” and “We love you Grammy; We love you Pepaw”. Those words mean that there were hello’s, hi’s and we’re glad to see you’s to begin with.
    I’m grateful that our beautiful, smart daughters picked such loving, smart men for their husbands. Way to go, girls!
    I’m grateful for lunch with friends and the opportunity to share news, love and DARK CHOCOLATE. If I’m low on estrogen for any reason, dark chocolate helps. If I’m low on patience, love, or any of those very necessary character traits, dark chocolate helps. If I’m just plain low, ditto.

  • 1. Facebook for putting me back in touch with old, OLD friends — what a fun blast back to the past!
    2. Living most of my life in sweats and other saggy, baggy clothes.
    3. Having a crush.

  • I’m grateful for Susan Wigg’s books, especially the Willow Lake Series.

    I’m grateful for finally having a computer.

    I’m grateful for my children & grandchildren.

  • Today I am grateful that I can just sit around the house in my bathrobe and nobody is any the wiser.

    I am grateful that I was able to finish a good book before it was due back at the library tomorrow= (Carla Neggers- The Angel)

    Grateful that I have wonderful friends I can chat on the internet with.

  • Grateful to be grateful – like that

    Lovely family dinner at a new Italian restaurant (Sun Night), absolutely the best flavours, wonderful service and family together for lots of laughs

    3 things from last night carried forward to today. Keeps a mama going, thinking of little boys growing up, marrying wonderful, smart and very beautiful women. I am very blessed and grateful.

  • Monday’s list

    I am grateful for the Internet and all the avenues it provides for finding information on anything I can think up.

    I am grateful for the Deputy Chief at the Fire Dept in my dad’s hometown in PA. He set my mind at ease this morning – the family home IS still standing. However the house next door is not, it burned to the ground. Through an odd variety of the “telephone” game, neighbors back east talking and a call to us out here in California, we heard it was our family home that was gone…….thank heavens it was another bout of misinformation !!! (I am sorry for the neighboring home though).

    I am grateful for non-fat yogurt and almonds.

  • 1. I’m grateful for my journey with breast cancer…I know it sounds strange to be grateful for something so horrible, but I learned so much and met so many wonderful people that I otherwise wouldn’t have met.

    2. I so very thankful for my Life ! To have the opportunity (at least for now) to still watch my children grow and learn, to watch my ducks swim in our lake, to feel a warm fire burning, and to kiss my husband goodnight !!

    3. A Susan Wiggs Book (it true, I promise) !!!

  • I’m grateful for snow that makes the world a quiet peaceful place.

    I’m grateful for creativity in the kitchen when the pocketbook gets too tight to go to the grocery store.

    I’m grateful that I still have the desire to get moving more and more each day to be a healthier me — even if I “start” every other day!

  • I am grateful that we live in a country where we can worship freely.

    I am grateful for my husband who has served over 15 years Active Duty Army.

    I am grateful for my health and that I am moving smoothly on the road to recovery!

  • I am graterful that I am grateful….so many folks these days are so negative.

    I am grateful that the leaf truck didn’t come get the leaves off my curb today before I got them out there.

    I am grateful for the capability to see beauty in the world around me which I am able to record in photographs.

  • I am thankful for my family – those that live here in my house and those that live far away. I’m thankful to be able to talk on the phone to my mom who lives so very far away.

  • I listened to NPR last night on my way to work. The night was chilly and all I wanted to do was stay home with my family and watch a Brittish mystery DVD or read. Before I reached my destination my heart was lifted and I was in the right frame of mind to help decorate the place for Christmas.

    I’m thankful for my family, they support me through good and bad times and love me (sometimes) in spite of myself.

    I’m grateful for plenty of good books to read and the ability to read them.

    I’m grateful I live in a country where a person defines their own destiny.

  • I am grateful for my husband, son and wonderful family members.
    Also grateful for my wonderful female lab Joey who just seems to be on this earth for one reason, to give love.
    I am grateful for my good health and my families good health.

  • Not sure if this is scary or not, but I just read your blog via my Google Reader (as usual) and less than a minute ago, switched on NPR for my morning news. Hm.

    I guess I’ll be lazy and list those two on today’s gratitude, as well.

    But I don’t have a daughter, so I’ll list my brilliant and talented (and, yes, handsome) son, who has encouraged me as a writer since he was in sixth grade. One day in class he announced to his English teacher, “My mom is a writer.” I was dabbling at the time, but have felt that encouragement with me for all the ensuing years.

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