November 15 gratitude

November 15, 2008

Three things I’m grateful for:

Gee Wally!
Gee Wally!

The New York Times, because along with well-written hard news, it gives me tidbits like this–Wally from “Leave It To Beaver” is going to have a sculpture on exhibit at the Louvre. Who doesn’t like knowing stuff like that?

My friend Lois, because she generally scoops the NYT on stuff like that.

Advance Reading Copies of upcoming books. Known in publishing as ARCs, these are printed out for blurbs and early reviews, and I have been deluged with them! I love them! They make me feel as though I have the inside track on these books. The down side–I have to wait months before telling people to rush out and buy the book. Watch for some finger-licking-good upcoming books from Karna Bodman, Dan Kallas, Karen Young, Hank Phillippe Ryan, Alison Kent, Christine Wenger…I have had an embarrassment of riches lately…

What are you grateful for right now?

  • 1. Grateful I have a sister I love and a BIL I love just as well. The 3 of us get along exceptionally well.

    2. Grateful for the new roof, even if the cost was painful. They came out Saturday, tore the old roof down to the bare rafters, then installed the new roof and were done in 7 hours. And they cleaned up after themselves!

    3. Grateful for unexpected moments of grace, like the strangers (a young dad and his son) in the Costco parking lot who offered to help me load the heavier things into my car.

  • Grateful for being able to spend time with family today.

    Grateful I did not have to drive home in the rain and snow. Had a nice cozy bed to spend the night.

    Grateful that I was able to keep wits about me when the house was crazy with kids and dogs. Not used to all the fuss and muss.

  • I’m grateful tonight for the opportunity to make and bake things in preparation for a visit from our children and grandchildren tomorrow. They are traveling from one side of the country to the other as the result of a new job. I don’t get to spoil them often enough, so I’m going all out with treats for them. In their new home, they’ll be 24 driving hours away rather than the 12 hours from their old home.
    I think the second thing i’m thankful for is that marvelous invention called the airplane. It makes travel bearable for me when long distances are involved.
    I’m thankful that my husband and I are fortunate enough to have these marvelous young people to love called grandchildren. Had I known how much fun they are, I would have had them first!

  • I am grateful for early snow here in Michigan that makes even a gray day pretty. I am also grateful that I can go to our freezer for blueberries, strawberries and peaches that I preserved this past summer. Finally, I am very grateful for the nickering of acknowledgement from my beautiful horse, Smoke, when I go down to his stall every morning and he looks at me with those deep, liquid brown eyes. It gives me such a sense of contentment and peace to just be around this gentle and loving horse.

  • Saturday morning breakfast at the Steveston Hotel (yep, every Saturday)

    Cool weather to pull out all the weeds and cut the grass for the last time before spring (darn dandelions and chick weed)

    A sweet cup of tea and toast when the work is done (mmmm, peach jam)

  • 1. A fire in the woodstove to take the chill off a drizzly, Atlantic day

    2. Celebrating a close friend’s birthday last evening over dinner with equally close friends

    3. Simply being content here at home, warm, fed, and loved

  • You have Karen Young’s next book? Mom is so looking forward to it.

    Grateful for my rose bushes cause they bloom pretty much all year… not grateful for the thorns when I have to weed around them

    Grateful for the cooler weather… with makes yard work a lot easier to do

    Grateful for my husband 😉 4 years of marriage as of today.

  • Saturday’s list

    I am grateful that the wild finches have migrated into neighborhood for now – they sing beautifully and add such color to the stark lilac trees I see out the kitchen window.

    I am grateful that our weather seems to be ok for the next week, makes chores very pleasant to do – just below freezing at night and in the 50’s in the day………..but I know winter is just around the corner 🙁

    I am grateful for bold coffee, even if it is decaf and a good book to enjoy.

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