November 14 gratitude

November 14, 2008

Three things I’m grateful for:

  1. WordPerfect. I know it’s not the industry standard anymore but it’s my standard. I’ve used it ever since v. 4.2, and it makes me a better writer.
  2. A nice visit with a newish friend, and a long, laughter-filled phone call with an oldish one.
  3. Sunshine in November. Here is how it looks reflecting off the water, pouring through the window and shimmering on my wall. The photo doesn’t show the movement, but it’s intriguing.:


(I am also grateful for my ability to look right past the unmade bed and dusty mirror.)

What are you grateful for today?

  • 1. Lolly-gagging around in bed with the pets sleeping (snoring!) nearby.
    2. Somehow, over the years, learning enough writing craft/technique to provide feedback on a short story that helped the writer. What I mean by this is that by the end of the second page, I knew exactly what was “wrong” with the story — who knew I had insight?
    3. Black-and-white cookies!

  • I am grateful that I have a car to drive on these rainy windy days.

    I am grateful the library is just a 2 minute drive away

    I am grateful that today was a better day than yesterday.

  • T.G.I.F. list

    I am so grateful I have my mom nearby to chat with, shop with and goof off with !

    I am grateful for the wonderful concoction known as chili !

    I am grateful for my DVR machine ! I can rewatch “Life On Mars” and see if it really is shot with a filter or it was just that I was too tired to focus last night when I was watching.

  • I’m grateful that my husband is willing to take me shopping when I can’t drive. He is truly a patient man!

    I’m grateful for used book stores. I find some of the neatest books that I might have passed up in another store.

    I’m grateful for broccoli. Otherwise, how could I make the broccoli cornbread that we love so much. It’s such a simple and easy meal.

  • Grateful for music

    Grateful for silly email attachments from friends to make me laugh on a grey day

    Grateful for another day with Mom

  • I miss wordperfect 5.1, but now I have Scrivner.

    I miss carnation breakfast bars, but now I have atkins bars.

    I miss working in the labs, but not I have my own office window.

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