November 10 gratitude

November 10, 2008

Three things I’m grateful for:

  1. Sfogliatelle from Remo Borrachini’s bakery, and a hot cup of Lavazza coffee.
  2. Ski equipment experts who give you good advice at the ski swap.
  3. A husband who tries to do my hair when my arm is trashed.
cast by Swedish ER, hair by Jay
cast by Swedish ER, hair by Jay

What are you grateful for today?

  • Today, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to giggle non stop after seeing your photo of your arm in a sling and the subtitles. I guess it was the part about the hair stylest. And, to boot, seeing Jay in the apron was so CUTE and lovable. So, please give him a huge, one armed hug. A kiss too! What are earth happened to you?

    Then I segway into my second “why I am grateful”. It was so cool and awesome for my son to have such incredible people mingle at his young age: You, his trendy, smart teacher and Jay, his buddy-boss!

    Lastly for today I am thankful for having the mother I did. Unconditional love and bravery beyond expecatations are the only words I come up with for this momen.

    My next gratefulness comments in the coming days will not be as serious. I have sooooooo many to list, it’s hard to choose.

  • I’m grateful for the rain we had last night and this morning. I said the other day that if I mentioned we needed rain, we’d have a flood. Well, in some parts of the Dallas area, shur ’nuff!
    I’m grateful for the absolutely wild beauty of storms! They are so exciting to watch, while not exactly exciting to be in the midst of…
    I’m grateful for the cooler weather we’re supposed to have moving in this afternoon. To me, there’s something rather unnatural about spending the holiday season in summer clothes! I like four distinct seasons, which we don’t often get.

  • Susan, your hair is beautiful–so artfully tousled and sexy. Kudos to Jay. And I adore your slightly-more-than-Mona-Lisa smile. What an adorable picture.

    –I met with my Adobe users group tonight and I am so grateful for their expertise and willingness to share their knowledge

    –I am grateful for my camera, which allows me to record beauty in every imaginable form, from gorgeous fall leaves to a gamboling cat chasing string

    –In this uncertain economy, I am grateful my home and car are paid for

  • I was grateful to be warm inside today when I woke up to snow outside my window this morning.

    I am grateful I had my car to drive and not have to walk in the cold.

    I am grateful that I have two working hands, unlike the Susan who only has one working arm at the moment.

  • I am grateful—

    The weather stayed dry from 8 to 8:45 this a.m. I was able to do some gardening (tulip bulbs, putting plants in pots for the winter, etc.)

    My husband printed a beautiful picture of our son and his wife -and

    For the judge who married them in chambers, and then took the nice photograph of the newlyweds.

  • I am SO grateful to my husband, and all husbands, for the help he, and they, provide in times of need. You gotta love ’em!
    I’m grateful that my husband not only loves me, but he also likes me most of the time. Sometimes it’s sort of iffy, I think, but at least he’s a good sport, and we’ve lasted a long time (that would be 39+ years).
    I also am grateful for laughter. Without it we would be absolute raving lunatics!

    Susan, you rock!

  • Is Jay to be congratulated for the stylish tying of your scarf????? and the co-ordinating shoes would be??????????
    hugs to you, Susan:o))

  • rain
    organizations there to help wild kitties
    Mom… when she gets just as excited as me about a book (I finally got her autographed copy of Just Breath to her this weekend.)

  • 1. My friend T, with whom I spent two and a half hours visiting over a cup of coffee this morning;
    2. My friend R, with whom I spent 2.1 miles walking;
    3. “Free” heat yesterday and today, provided by creek-sent driftwood.

  • 1. Hubby for bringing home a surprise box of Godiva truffles.
    2. A guilt-free day of sitting around not doing much of anything
    3. My aunt, who is still in good spirits after breaking her wrist less than a month after breaking her shoulder

  • 1. My daughter – she is the best and most important little person!
    2. My husband – his countless support even in times of uncertainty with my job has left me speechless at times
    3. The ability to read – it allows for my escape from every-day and without it I would certainly go nuts!

    : )

  • Monday’s Gratitude List

    1. Today’s trip to the “big city” Reno is 75 miles from here……..Trader Joe’s here we come !!!!!!!

    2. Mom’s appointment with the hand doctor and boy are we happy he could see her as a patient ! well, yes and go to Trader Joe’s……..

    3. I am most grateful for the woman I spoke to in McKeesport PA about the old family homestead. There were rumors flying about it’s status, and sadly she confirmed it is a total loss to a fire. Hard to see when living on the left coast and it is in Pennsylvania. How sad, but I feel settled now knowing it’s outcome.

    Kudos to Jay, you are a BRAVE man ! Have a good day all !

  • 1. Today I am grateful for family. As my husband and I learned some heart wrenching issues concerning his sister’s husband….the family is finally coming together for support.

    2. I am grateful for my job and boss. I have flexibility to work from home once in a while.

    3. I am grateful for the day itself. Although its cold and brisk, the sun is shining and the sky is a crystallized blue.

  • 1. Instant messaging – it keeps me connected even when I don’t feel like leaving my house.

    2. My cousin-in-law who is a total stitch. She totally makes me laugh.

    3. Coffee. Nuff said.

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