November 5 gratitude

November 05, 2008

1. Port Townsend, Washington, one of the prettiest, most entertaining towns in America. (The photo of me on the left was taken at sunset in Port Townsend; that’s the Keystone ferry in the background.)

2. Barkis. On a chilly day like today, he sits on my feet and keeps them warm while I write.

3. A fine outcome to the election. I’m filled with hope!

world's best footwarmer

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  • –Grateful for the many clients who have become friends, despite the fact I tell them their manuscripts “need work.”
    –Cool, clean, delicious, unadulterated drinking water.
    –My new 24″ flat screen monitor, which puts out just enough heat to keep my fingers warm when I’m keyboarding.

    Sherrie, feeling very happy and hopeful for America

  • Today I am grateful for my boys, which my youngest called me on my cell phone looking for his calculator (I am traveling for work this week)….at least I knew he was doing his homework!

    Grateful that my boss took us to Italian cook extraordinaire, Lidia Bastianich’s restaraunt here in Kansas City πŸ™‚ What an awesome meal!

    My husband, who is letting me know that he putting his yellow GT Mustang “to sleep” for the winter.

  • I am grateful for the new feeling of hope for our country.

    …………………for being able to install a new wall mount heater in my mom’s home with no problems πŸ™‚

    …………………for my back finally snapping back into place after my adventure of climbing on and off the garage roof in the rain a couple of days ago **whew**

  • 1.FINALLY my country not excluding a candidate because of SKIN color spotting scope…all the better to see the intricate detail of glorious birds

    3.Sneakers and Cody…my feline boys who have immmense ESP powers to know when a cuddle is an absolute necessity.

  • What I am grateful for tody:

    Another beautiful fall day

    Having another great book to read to let me forget my troubles of a little while.

    Being able to walk to do my errands, like going to the library and the post office instead of driving my car.

  • Today I’m thankful for:

    1. gorgeous, sunny, 70 degree weather
    2. music
    3. cell phones so I can easily talk to my son while he’s away at college (a freshman, so I’m having quite an adjustment! :))

  • 1. Good Earth Cocoa Chai Tea hot and perfect first thing in the morning

    2. People who vote their convictions, even if they don’t always mirror my own. Diversity of thought is one of the reasons I love living in a free nation.

    3. A healthy savings plan – with being laid off and my last day on Friday, that chunk of money is going to buy me time to find the right job. That’s important to me.

  • Today… I’m grateful for….

    my cat when she sleeps under the covers with me on cold mornings

    I stood up for my vote and my reasoning for it in a flame war. (The person flaming me told me that I wasted my vote.) Then I read this quote today: β€œAlways vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” ~ John Quincy Adams. I’m liking that quote.

    for the time change that is shifted my sleep schedule for the better. πŸ™‚

  • 1. Working at a lighthouse. Economics dictate that I have a day job, and this one’s pretty cool.
    2. My Mr.20, Miss 19, and Miss 15.
    3. The love of a kind, honest and wonderful man.

  • I am thankful today for:

    1) I was able to make an educated vote yesterday
    2) I have the ability to be woken up by my daughter’s adorable voice this morning and every morning
    3) I am barely stressed at all these days

  • 1) Thankful for the Election of 1800 which saw Jefferson beat Adams. This is the first time in world history where any country saw an election that resulted in a peaceful transfer of power between persons with opposing points of view.
    2) Thankful that my wife, now an American citizen, got to vote for the first time.
    3) Thankful that the co-worker I’m been debating for a number of months is out of the office this week. πŸ™‚

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