November 3 and 4 gratitude

November 03, 2008

Today and tomorrow I’m going to fudge a little and only post one item of gratitude. I’m only posting the one because it’s the biggest, most important thing on every American’s agenda today. I am grateful for the right to vote.

For the past eight years, this country has been held in chains and nearly brought to ruin by the disastrous Bush administration. In the 2004 election, I voted out of a sense of duty–but without much hope. This year feels different. This year, I marked my ballot with a sense of pride and hope. It’s remarkable that I can feel that way in these times of economic disaster and war, but this country is resilient. We will survive and thrive.

Please vote. It matters now more than ever before.


What are you grateful for today?

  • Hi Susan & Hi Everyone,

    I’ve been posting my three things on my face book page, but I just realized you were posting therm here so I thought I’d play catch-up. 🙂

    I have a blog where I list one beautiful thing every day here: It’s been political lately, but it’s just because of what’s going on. It usually isn’t. I was inspired by Three Beautiful Things, Claire’s wonderful blog:

    Anyway, here we go: I’m grateful for: the right to vote, the right to choose, and my freedom. Thank you brave soldiers who protect us.


  • 1. I am grateful for my wonderful grandmother. She is stronger than I could ever be!!!

    2. I am grateful for no long smoking….been smoke-free for over 4 years now!!!

    3. I am grateful that this election is finally over!

  • Good evening,
    I’m grateful for Susan creating this site for us to share our feelings and thoughts. I’m grateful for the chance to wake up everyday and to go to work. I’m grateful to wake up and smell the flowers everyday. More than anything I’m grateful to be alive!

  • I am grateful that this is a day of excitement instead of dread as things might finally get on the right track.

    I am grateful for writing friends everywhere who share the same passion I do !

    I am grateful that my son is becoming such an outstanding individual.

  • I suppose I should be patriotic and take the easy answer that I’m thankful to vote, and really I am – it’s just that I mailed in my ballot last week, so the hype is over for me. Last year when I forgot to vote in the primary, my husband was really upset and reminded me that Americans are fighting and dying for our freedom, including our freedom to vote. That really got to me, so I take my voting more seriously now, even when there’s not a presidential race.

    On top of that, I am thankful for my house and for a roof. It has started raining and will not stop all week, or so we’re told, and I am thankful to have a dry place to live.

  • 1. I am grateful that you reminded me to voice gratitude, Susan. During some very tough times, I did this daily. When life became more placid, I stopped. Thank you.

    2. I am grateful that the line was…um…six people long in my itty-bitty village when I voted this morning.

    3. I am grateful that it’s a balmy November day–beyond perfect to peel back at least part of the blanket of maple leaves covering my lawn.

  • I am grateful for the right to vote.

    I am grateful for the time I get to write. With a full time job and two boys, it isn’t much.

    I am grateful that we bought really good Halloween candy and that there are leftovers.

  • I am grateful for Whoppers malted milk balls.

    I am grateful for 2″ wide clear box sealing tape, which I use absolutely everywhere, and I’m also grateful for my newest passion: “Thick Grip Liner,” that tacky, padded shelf liner stuff that has about 15 million uses, from keeping throw rugs in place to lining the veggie bin. Since discovering it last year, I have become addicted. Every day I discover new uses for it.

    I am grateful for the lessons in unabashed joy that my cats and dog teach me every day. They wake up every morning happy to be alive, happy to see me, happy with the world.

  • Grateful for: 1) the right and willingness to vote; 2) our NaNo writing group (Irving, TX rocks!); 3) an awesome team at work that didn’t poo poo me when I left early today because I just really wanted to.

  • I am grateful (and rather amazed) that I got the garage protected and the rain/snow held off until I was back on the ground 🙂

    I am grateful for absentee ballot voting – I mailed mine in weeks ago !

    I am grateful my mother got a consult with the esteemed neuro doc in only a couple of weeks !

  • I’m grateful that my parents immigrated here to the U.S.

    I’m grateful for the changing seasons here in the Midwest

    I’m grateful that my 2 son’s are in the “right crowd”

    I’m grateful to my husband of almost 20 yrs that I was able to survive this long living with an engineer. There is no gray area 🙂

  • I’m grateful that my new boss started today. Now I don’t have to do that job, too and maybe I’ll have more time to read my books and play on the internet.

  • 1. The new paddle fan hubby put in all by himself (and lest I forget, he drags me into the den and points to it at regular intervals).

    2. Being able to have a voice in determining who will run our country — from the local level on up.

    3. Knowing that regardless of who is elected, we don’t live in a dictatorship and campaign promises are smoke. Nothing changes overnight, and there are checks and balances.

  • I too am grateful to live in North America, where we have the freedom to vote without fear. Thank you to the women who went before us, who fought for the right to vote and rights of women to learn.

    I am grateful women are free and do not have to wear the burka, or live in fear of the clothing police (although there are some who should reconsider what they put on before they walked out the door, some very bad fashion choices).

    I am grateful we have fresh water to drink and schools and BOOKS!

  • 1. for a roaring fire on a cold November morning

    2. for coworkers who truly just want me to have a good day

    3. for my old, black, mangy tomcat who follows me everywhere with what I swear is a smile on his face

  • I am grateful for my landlords who are wonderful people and have treated me like one of the family.

    I am grateful to be a citzen of North America and live in a demoracy that allows me to to vote for the candidate of my choice.

    I am gratful that I have a lovely picture window in my kitchen, where i can sit at my computer and feel the sunshine on my face.

  • I’m grateful that in this country the citizens have the right to vote and that I have retained my right to vote in Canada, where I am a citizen. (I live in the USA as an alien resident).

    I’m grateful that my husband is being supportive through my layoff situation.

    I’m grateful for friends who are supportive and caring and are willing to let me blubber on their shoulders once in a while.

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