November 2 gratitude

November 02, 2008

Three things I’m grateful for:

great read
great read

1. friends I love, whose books I love. Like Robyn Carr, whose new novel hits the stores today.

2. DVR – I never have to watch a commercial anymore, and it’s totally set to record “The Daily Show” every night, and “Sunrise Earth” every morning.

3. a daily phone call to my sweet parents. I’m so glad they’re healthy and happy.

What are you grateful for today?

  • Hi Susan,
    I’m so very fortunate in my life that it’s very difficult for me to come up with an extensive Christmas list for my kids and husband–BUT . . . I put Robyn Carr’s Christmas book on my list and I CAN’T WAIT to read it!! Thanks for the heads up.
    1) I’m most grateful for my amazing children and husband that make me proud every day.
    2) For wonderful friends whose caring and friendship make my world a better place.
    3) And today of all days, I can’t forget to be thankful for our political leaders. Though I DO think one is a far better selection than the other, I’m thankful for them both because the role of president cannot be an easy one. You can’t please everybody and when trying to do the right thing for millions of people, there’s bound to be many of them that won’t be happy about some decisions. Being president may have some awesome perks, but I believe every candidate goes into the race for the right reasons. I believe their intentions are genuine, and for that I’m thankful, because I would not want to do their job–though looking back, at times my cynical heart thinks an orangutan might not have done much worse.

  • I’m grateful for NaNoWriMo. After helping other writers for years, maybe I can get back into my own writing again.

    I’m grateful for music. I cannot live without music. It feeds my soul and makes my spirit soar and my feet dance.

    I’m grateful that my house and my car are paid for, particularly with our current economy.

  • Wonderful project, Susan!

    I’m grateful for my health.
    I’m grateful for my children and their health/happiness.
    I’m grateful for my husband, who has always cheered me on in this career choice of mine.

  • Thanks for The Gratitude Project, Susan!

    My three today:

    1. I am grateful for my husband Don’s love, support and belief in my writing talent.

    2. I am grateful for my new critique partner, Debra Mullins, for inspiring me to write and submit again.

    3. I am grateful for Kelly Morgan, the facilitator for the Artist’s Way workshop at the Bodhi Tree Bookstore in L.A..

    – Sue Phillips w/a Gillian Doyle

  • I love this idea – and Alfie for tuning me into it. Thanks, Alfie!

    1. I’m grateful that I have supportive friends and family.

    2. I’m grateful that I can call into work sick today since I feel so cruddy. I know some people don’t have that luxury.

    3. I am very grateful for crock pots.

  • Susan, thanks for doing the Gratitude Project. What a great idea! Today
    I’m thankful for a day at home to write, gorgeous weather in Georgia, and that my children are healthy and happy. 🙂

  • 1. I’m grateful for my wonderful little boys. They are my life!!!
    2. I’m grateful for my parents…they have been there for me through thick and thin and are so wonderful to me!
    3. I’m grateful for my job…my boss has been so understanding this past year!!!

  • 1) My daughter’s spine was attacked by a virus in April, making her paralyzed from the waist down, I’m extremely grateful that between then and now she’s regained 95% of her mobility. Even if the rest doesn’t come back, she’ll be able to live a somewhat “normal” life.

    2) I’m grateful for Authors that spin wonderful tales that take you into a different place and time, so that for that short period all your troubles are set aside.

    3) I’m grateful for my Book Stores, my dream come true 🙂

  • I’m grateful for my loving and encouraging parents, family and friends and even more grateful for their continued good health and happiness.

    I’m grateful for having been placed in the path of so many other authors and readers who have helped me along my own journey.

    I’m grateful for having a job that I’m passionate about and one that fills me with inspiration and joy.

  • This is great, Susan. Nice reminder to be present in our lives.

    1. My neighborhood bakery with its red-white-and-blue VOTE! and donkey (no elephant!) cookies.

    2. Sidewalks blanketed by crimson and gold leaves.

    3. The cute ferrets I met outside my local pet store (and dog’s adorable, sweet curiosity).

  • Well, now I am grateful as well that the new Virgin River book hits stores today! I also love Robyn Carr’s books, and I can’t wait to snap that one up!

    I am also grateful for my DVR and the fact that it tapes all my shows for me while I am working night shift.

    And I am grateful for the dog curled up at my feet right now. He is the picture of unconditional love!

  • 1. Our first real drenching rain of the season………local wells need it to keep on working.

    2. I am grateful to the rain and the garage for showing me there is a leak BEFORE any major damage and before the snow and freezing weather sets in 🙂 so I can fix it now !

    3. A wonderful exercise like this to remind myself of all the good in every day !

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