the gratitude project

November 01, 2008

give thanks
give thanks

Please join me this month in the gratitude project. Expressing gratitude for things large and small is incredibly good for you. There’s probably a psychological study proving it, but you don’t need a study. If you do this simple exercise once a day, you’ll know it works, because you’ll feel better.

Every day from now until Thanksgiving, I’ll be posting three things I’m grateful for. Some will be silly, some profound, but all will be honest and from the heart. I invite you to join me in this exercise. I’d love it if you’d post your list in the “comments” section below, because readers and writers never fail to inspire me. But you don’t have to. Keep your list private if you wish. The important thing is to specify something you’re grateful for, and write it down.  Or put it on your blog or share with a friend. Feel free to pass the suggestion along. I’d be eternally grateful.

Your turn. What are you grateful for today?

  • I’m grateful for a beautiful niece who writes wonderful books for me & her Uncle Neil to read.

    I’m thankful that my sister Peggy arrive safely Monday via Delta and we didn’t lose her at the airport for 2 hours like we did last year!

    I’m thankful for a wonderdul daughter who is fixing Thanksgiving dinner for our family & her husband’s…19 of us.

    I’m thankful for our church family. I’m thankful for cook, sunny days in Georgia

  • Hi Susan,

    My Mother’s maiden name is Wiggs. She is a big fan. Since Wiggs is not a very common name it would be interesting to know if somewhere down the line there may be some relation.

    I am grateful that when my Mother got the results of her CT scan last week the news was good and the cancer in her pelvic area had disappeared and the tumors in her lungs had shrunk.

    I am grateful she is well enough to take a trip to Hawaii on Dec 5th that had been planned a long time before she found out she had cancer. And I am grateful she is paying my way to go with her.

  • Susan, I, too, am grateful for the delete button in my email program.
    I’m grateful for the many friends I have.
    I’m grateful that I have a fine sense of the ridiculous, especially when I can laugh at myself. That’s a good stress buster!
    Ginny, I hope we connect again today. I had a best friend for many years whose name was Virginia, and guess what her nickname was. You guessed it – Ginny. She died many years ago, and I miss her. Thanks for bringing some good memories to mind. By the way – I don’t believe in coincidence!

  • I’m thankful for family, the children in my family (lights of my life!), and family members I have yet to connect with. I’m also thankful for God’s many daily blessings, his patience, and hope for the future.

    New York

  • I’ll get this right in just a second…

    I am thankful for
    1. Friends like you
    2. Laura, our Coast Guard ensign, is coming home for Thanksgiving.
    3. the safety and health of our family.
    All best,

    Kathryn van der Pol
    Houston, Texas

  • To Hammoudi- What a great way to think of my name! I’ll remember those words!

    Grateful for:

    1. Time off to go see my mom

    2. Our annual dinner at school tomorrow (I’m taking a veggie)

    3. The spirit of giving that I see all over Wichita. I’m sure other communities are doing this, too.

  • My hardworking husband who works hard so I don’t have to.
    Susan Wiggs books – especially the Lakeshore books.
    My improving health – thank you God!

  • Grateful for:

    1. Hammoudi’s apt acrostic which reminds me to take positive thoughts from just one word

    2. Thanksgiving break (starts next Tuesday)

    3. Autumn weather– always a big surprise.

  • I am blessed and awed to have just become the ECW Diocesan President , and the incredible board I know that God had a huge hand in forming.
    I am greatful for the full support of my husband
    I”m greatful for the love of books that my parents gave me so many years ago

  • Why am I grateful…. I recently lost my job which in itself should be devastating. But I have my good health, I am able to see, hear, touch feel, laugh, and love with all my heart. There are so many people in this world who are unable to experience some or all of the above things. So yes I am grateful for the things I am able to experience. It is a tough economy but I am confident that I will become stronger from this experience and will find gainful employment soon. I wish everyone peace, joy, and happiness in their world during this Holiday season and everyday!

  • Oops. I think I put my comments in the wrong section somewhere else in your blog world. (not a grateful blogger today, inexperienced. LOL)

    Today, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to giggle non stop after seeing your photo of your arm in a sling and the subtitles. I guess it was the part about the hair stylest. And, to boot, seeing Jay in the apron was so CUTE and lovable. So, please give him a huge, one armed hug. A kiss too! What are earth happened to you?

    Then I segway into my second “why I am grateful”. It was so cool and awesome for my son to have such incredible people mingle at his young age: You, his trendy, smart teacher and Jay, his buddy-boss!

    Lastly for today I am thankful for having the mother I did. Unconditional love and bravery beyond expecatations are the only words I come up with for this momen.

    My next gratefulness comments in the coming days will not be as serious. I have sooooooo many to list, it’s hard to choose.

  • I am graateful that I have God in my life. I am grateful for my family and friends ,and my health. I am grateful that I live in this great country of ours.

  • I am grateful for my health
    I am grateful for the love of friends and family
    I am grateful for the love of God and his never ends way to let me know he is there.

  • I am grateful for the love of God.
    I am grateful for the closeness of family.
    I am grateful for my kids.

    ~I have been a little slack for the last few days in posting my gratefulness but will do better the rest of the time!

  • I am grateful for the warm home I have, the good food we have every evening when we sit down to dinner, and most of all the peace I enjoy in God’s blessings.

  • I am grateful that I had the ambition to get on the treadmill again today!

    I am grateful for the many books I have to read that help me forget about whatever may be going differently than I planned.

    I am grateful that I have a Father who will listen to me go on and on and on!

  • I’m grateful for this day in November to remind me of all of the things in my life that I appreciate. It makes me very emotional and teary eyed because, this is the BEST time of my life. My daughters are grown and one has two boys that I adore. The other has a life that I sometimes envy. Great job, great home, all the toys you could ever want and the time to use them. I am greatful for having both of my parents still alive and in pretty good health. I am also greatful to be home, having the opportunity to do what I have always wanted to do…Watercolor painting. Most of all I am greatful for the medicines that my diabetic husband takes, that keeps him alive and still able to keep his job until he is ready to retire.

  • I’m grateful for the chance to have served in our Armed Forces

    I’m grateful for that even though we don’t have much as far as money and materialistic things, my family is healthy and happy

    I’m grateful that I found Susan’s books a year ago, on my bad days, her writing makes me remember what’s really important

  • a great night’s sleep

    my dog waking me up with her big brown eyes

    son in law asking for ‘mom’s’ dressing for turkey day dinner – he is a sweetie – couldn’t have picked a better one for my daughter if I had tried – and wow what a granddaughter from that relationship – life is good –

    prayers for those involved in the CA fires –

  • I am grateful for my 17 year old daughter who I adopted and brought home on the day after she was born.

    I am grateful that I had 5 more years with my sister after she had a stroke – she has since passed away but we treasured every moment we had together.

    I treasure my memories of all loved ones who are not with us anymore – they now have their wings and hover over and watch us every day – when we need them the most they are on our shoulders!

  • I’m grateful for many things but first and foremost, my God and my freedom. I’m also grateful for good health at 69!
    Love your books and I’m grateful for them too!

  • What a wonderful idea! I’m grateful for writer’s with such great stories I get lost in for hours on end, for my health, and for the freedom to enjoy both. I am truly blessed. Thanks, Anita

  • Susan:

    You are awsome! I am just about finished with your latest book Just Breathe. As with all of yours I can hardly do my work at my job because I want to read. Thanks!! Put another one out soon please. I wish you and your family a very blessed and happy holiday season. May 2009 bring you and your family many wonderful blessings in life.

    Suzanne B. Corwin
    4933 Kerri Lane
    Birmingham, Alabama 35215

    P.S. Give your hubby a hug for me for allowing you the massive amount of time I know it takes you to write such wonderful books. Tell him I appreciate you and him.

  • 5:15 this morning – took my dog out for her morning duties – was cold – windy but the clouds were broken and the moon scooting thru them – beauty in the shadows of the sailing moon.

    a hot shower before work

    and a kiss from hubby of 48 years

  • I am grateful that I have a healthy family, also that I get up to a job I love going. I am grateful to a have a wonderful dad who’s a great grandfather to my kids.

  • I am grateful that Susan Wiggs keeps writing books and supporting Field’s End fledgling writers.
    I am grateful we actually have sun in November in the Pacific NW.
    I’m grateful for my cat Bitzie who is my muse and best friend.

  • I am grateful for my wonderful family. How lucky am I to have good health. I am grateful for my sister who has been battling cancer and is holding her own. Having wonderful friends who are there for me through good times and bad, holding me close with a smile and hug. But I am most grateful for my wonderful husband who is always at my side to help me through good and bad times.

  • I am most greatful for my 4 grown sons and their 10 children.
    I am also greatful for my wonderful extended family ( cousins ) and for my great circle of friends.
    And third— for our ( my husband of 54 years and myself ) continued good mental and physical health !!

  • I am grateful to be living in the U.S.A. and for my daughters and my grandchildren.
    For God allowing me to become a Great-Grandmother to 2 beautiful, perfect little girls this year.
    I am grateful that I have a home and enough food to eat.

  • I am grateful for my books, new books as well as old. They inspire me, during tough stretches, to just keep on going. I’m grateful for libraries as well– really, the infinite power you find in books is amazing! I’m also very grateful for my dog, who’s the best pet a woman could possibly have!

  • I am thankful for my children ,their spouses and my grandchildren I am thankful for my health. I am thankful that I have a brother and a sister, and we are all close in love and friendship if not in distance. Jan

  • I am thankful that Jesus died for me, that I can not only have life, but more abundantly for eternity! I am thankful for the beauty that God gives us, i.e., sunrises, sunsets, trees turning color in the fall, blue skies and mountains. I am thankful for my social security check every month.

  • I give thanks to you my Lord. The sun is shining, I have a warm house, my stomach is full,I have a bed to sleep in.I have love in my life.I can pay all my bills and my health is excellent. I can even accept that my choice for president was not elected.The country will be much poorer because of it, but some people are happy about it.I know the truth GOD is in charge!!!

  • I am grateful for the fact that I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel in my recovery from rupturing my achilles tendon and surgery in June of this year. I am grateful to be getting more and more painfree and mobile everyday.

  • I grateful to have a great husband. My parents and extended family all get along and speak often. and last but not least my house is warm, full of food,happiness and most important love.

  • I am grateful for the great husband I am lucky to have. And the 3 kids he gave me. But most of all I am grateful that we as a family are able to communicate daily if desired and are a “close-knit” group.

  • I am grateful for family. I love my family and love sharing all facets of life with them. Be it a phone call, a visit, etc. I love the day to day contact will all members, even my outreach family and friends. If you can not be with them due to distance, then a phone call, a little card etc is a great way to say they are in your thoughts.

    Because family is growth…

  • I am grateful for:

    My 3 dogs & 1 cat as well as those pets that have crossed over – all have brought & bring me so much comfort & joy.

    I am grateful for a wonderful group of girlfiends – my Ya- Yas !!

    I am grateful for having had the best parents a girl could want.

  • I am most grateful for my Mother whom I miss with all my heart.
    My wonderful family who puts up with my moods and still continues to love me.
    For my improving attitude toward others who do stupid things and then wonder what happened.

  • I lost my very dearest friend this summer but I am so very thankful that God placed her in my life . She was my soul mate . We could talk about anything and laugh about everything . I am thankful for the wonderful times we had together and the wonderful memories I have to treasure forever .

  • I am grateful to have married a man that makes me laugh, even in tough times.
    I am grateful, Dear Lord, for 2 healthy grandkids.
    I am grateful that I learned to read. I feel so very sad for people who never learned to read.
    I am grateful for another day.

  • I am grateful for the men that work for us and I am grateful that in this tough economic that we have work for our employees.

  • I’m grateful for hot soup on a snowy day.
    I’m grateful I can read great books.
    I’m grateful for the love of wonderful friends.
    I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my thoughts.
    I’m grateful for the talent I have to write poetry and for my parents who read to me and taught me to love poetry and prose.

  • On my birthday today, I am grateful for:
    1. For my wonderful husband who spoils me rotten.

    2. My parents, who although frail and in bad health, are still with me today.

    3. For my grandsons, who bring such love and happiness to my world.

  • I am grateful for my grand-daughter and the love she makes me feel.
    I am grateful to romance writers for making my life better by reading their books.
    I am grateful for good health.

  • 1) getting things resolved with my boyfriend that have been bothering me for over a week.
    2) my faith
    3) having a good conversation with my boyfriend.
    4) good health.
    5) wonderful friends and family
    6) good food to eat and a warm home on a cold and windy day.

  • Grateful for in Australia,
    My sister is still fighting that dam cancer,she is still with us,she has an angel heart and I am grateful each day is golden.
    My husband and son are happy and well.
    We live in abeautiful country.
    I get to read awonderful books by Susan.

    Merry Christmas everyone,filled with love and laughter

  • Grateful for:

    1. Students that ask for help, and really want to do better!

    2. Making plans with our daughter to–
    a. see her wedding dress,
    b. sample cake
    c. look at florists displays.

    3. An up-coming visit with our son and grandson.

  • I remember writing that our son (in virginia) had given us an event to a concert Trans-Siberian orchestra and an overnight on the east coast (Fl) tonight when he called as he does twice a week said the plans for Ray and I needed to make a bit of a detour to the Ft Lauderdale airport , and that we needed to meet a Southwest arival at 2:30 pm Yes our son and DIL will be on the plane and will be going with us and we all will stay in the hotel togther and the they’ll fly back to Dulles Friday afternoon!!! We are still walking on air!!
    This is a big time thankfullness , we haven’t seen them since May

  • Grateful for:

    1. Phone conversations with family I don’t se very often

    2. Days like this (rainy, and no school), so I can bake.

    3. A T.V., that keeps me informed about our president-elect. It is refreshing!

  • Today:
    I am grateful for-
    Heat in my home
    Sunshine on a windy,cold day.
    The co-herent phone conversation I had with my 95 year old Mother.

  • Today I am supremely thankful that my husband still has a job. First the company cut hours so that there might not be any layoffs, and the next thing everyone knew, there was no choice but to begin laying off employees. Because of my husband’s seniority and his absolute dependability, he still works for the company. God is good! I am thankful for all the trickle-down effects of employment. We can pay our utilities, buy groceries, buy gifts for our fantastic grandchildren at appropriate times (mainly on days ending in “Y”!), and indulge hobbies in a moderate way. For me those hobbies include, but are not limited to, reading, quilting, making cards, crocheting, cooking, and other creative stuff. Lastly, today I am thankful for my sweet husband who has such a tremendous work ethic that in the midst of this economic chaos, was rewarded with the great gift of trust from his boss.

  • What are friends for, to call you up and invite you out for a concert you never even thought about going to. End up enjoying the getting together with the friends that we enjoyed the concert.

  • the surprise adventure our son sent arrived today .We will be enjoyng a concert given by the Trans-Siberian Orcherstra in Sunrise ,Fl (about 2 1/2 hours away on the East coast. should be spectcular! They are awesome! Am so thankful for a son “who cares” and does things like this , for “just because”

  • Modern medicine is wonderful. Today I want to express gratitude for the doctors I see on a regular basis. They have put an amazingly enormous amount of effort, both physically and mentally, into the process of being where they are today. I appreciate them and the help, and yes, hope, they can offer me. I am grateful for the research and testing that goes into the medicines that can help my physical and mental owwies. I am grateful that my Heavenly Father is aware of my needs in this area and has seen fit to direct me, in His own way, to those who can help. He does a lot of good stuff like that!

  • I am thankful for the wonderful teachers that I get to work with.

    I am thankful for my life partner, Bob, who is also my husband.

    I am thankful for a house in which to live, great neighbors to talk with, and a great community that is comfortable, both socially and politically.

  • Had I been able to post yesterday, I would have said I was thankful for the electric scooters in stores that enable me to shop in relative comfort. I also would have mentioned the people I meet while shopping who share my belief in my Heavenly Father. Lastly, yesterday I would have said how thankful I am that my husband helps me with shopping, or I might never finish it!
    Today, I am very thankful for friends I can lunch with and laugh with, and who appreciate my oddities as much as I can appreciate theirs. I am also thankful that I can drive again. I had to stop driving for several years because of health concerns.
    I have the most beautiful tree outside the window of my computer room. It flowers in the spring with the most delicate white flowers and its leaves turn the most beautiful scarlet in the fall. I have several pretty glass containers full of those leaves in my house, and they add amazing color. God does such a great job with fall foliage, and for that I am grateful.

  • I am grateful that at 52 I am still hopeful that I will find my true love and true self.

    I am grateful that during this last horriffic year of financial ruin, losing a beautful nephew, and suffering physical and emotional pain, that I am finding new spirituality that I was afraid I would never find.

    I am grateful that even though I cry each day – I still manage to laugh as well.

  • Today I am thankful that I live in America and I can go vote.
    I am thankful for our trampoline- we call it our outdoor room..
    I am thankful for the development I have seen from my 2 yr. old foster son. He was screened in my home yetserday by Altimira and is testing in all the “normal” ranges. He was a drug baby.

    This is from Jasmine-5 yr. old fosterchild-
    I am thankful for my friends at school because they liked my outfit.
    I am thankful my mom gives me hugs and kisses.
    At school, my sister Lilee saw me and gave me a hug.

  • This is a wonderful vehicle, Susan and it makes us all stop and think and reflect on what we have.

    I’m grateful for my parents (no longer on this earth) who taught me the joys of reading at a very young age, and the love of books that continues today.

  • Today, I am thankful for my dog, Gizzmo.

    I am thankful for Ebay because I can find wonderful things for my fosterchildren at great prices.

    I am thankful for my husband because he is such a good sport when I bring fosterkids home. We had an empty nest- not counting the rats’ nest in my engine- before I brought these kids home.

    These are from my foster daughter- Michaela. She is 9.
    I am thankful I have a mom.
    I am thankful for my brothers and sisters.
    I am thankful for my life.

  • 1. My faith
    2. My wonderful husband of 29 years…he is my soul mate.
    3. My job as a medical lab tech….I help folks get well……

  • More from Carol, continued from above submission: (I hit “return” too fast!)

    I want to be sure and say I’m so grateful for a daughter who can call and cry with me,

    A God who loves me and loves my family, and protects us and our loved ones this day; without Him and my faith I’d be in terrible shape!

    Friends and family who are always there,

    and I’m thankful for you Susan. Your writing has brought so many wonderful moments of enjoyment–I read and re-read, and share your writing with both my daughter and daughter-in-law. And I do appreciated your openness and transparency in communicating with us, your readers. You are a special person, and I thank you!

    OK, I’m finished with my entry! Now it’s time to hit “enter”!

  • This day started with fog and a frantic, tearful telephone call from my daughter: “My dogs [2 Siberians and a beloved mutt, Peanut] got out of the fence, ran forever throughout the neighborhood but thanks to kind neighbors and a truck driver, I was able to get them all back. ‘Baloo’ stood still in the middle of the busy road and a truck came straight at him while I watched and if he hadn’t honked, Baloo . . .!” Trying to remain calm myself, I asked about the grandchildren, 1 and 3 yrs. old: “I yelled to the man painting inside the house that I was going . . .” So, we talked, she stopped bawling, and we took deep breaths together. We thanked God for neighbors, the driver, the painter and the lives of special pets.
    This day is ending with beautiful sunshine, a gentle off shore breeze, clouds in the sky (here in Southern CA we don’t have many white puffy clouds!), the house finches chirping and black birds squawking, and the peace of a pre-election afternoon.

  • I am thankful for my amazing circle of love- friends & family both.

    I’m thankful for the Edward Hopper exhibition coming to Seattle Art Museum Nov 13th,

    and for the beautiful, screaming yellow leaves outside my window.

    Gifts big and small. 🙂 Suzanne

  • I have so many wonderful things to be grateful for, I could list them for weeks! First, the most amazing family! It’s true, they are relentless, there’s absolutely NO slack, no one gets away with anything and I adore them. Women friends — the most wonderful, supportive, unselfish and devoted women friends — I’d be so lonely without them. Work — I have SO much work to do and am tremendously grateful for that as I remember too many times I had NO work. The beauty of writing is that there is always something to do. I’m grateful for books — the ones I have the luxery of writing, the ones I have the privilege to read. And Susan, I’m grateful to you for starting this project — a little gratitude is a very useful thing! Sometimes we need a little nudge to remind us to focus, if only for a few moments, on those gifts we might otherwise take for granted. xoxox Robyn

  • Susan, I’m truly thankful for writers like you who, with words, can paint pictures that touch me on so many levels. I’m thankful that my parents encouraged my love for reading by providing transportation to whatever library or bookstore was most convenient, no matter how many times i wanted to go. I’m most thankful that I have the physical abilities and the intellect to enjoy so may different forms of learning. I’ve always thought that I could travel anywhere I wanted through a book, and I feel I am well traveled and, thereby, very blessed!

  • Susan, This is a wonderful idea and reminds us to be thankful for every little thing in our lives. Right at this moment, I am so grateful for my mother who turned 99 years old on Friday, my loving sister, Dot, who takes care of Mom, and my husband who, in spite of many health problems, is still with me.


  • I’m thankful for our three “fur children” (dachshunds) Suzy, Freckles & Megan

    A beautiful Florida day with temps to be about 80

    I’m thankful for my twin sister who is “my other half”

  • I just hosted a Life is Good gratitude party on Nov. 1 and it was a big hit! It was held at an elegant floral shop, catered by an excellent restaurant and a top jazz group provided music. My guests were blown away by how nice the whole evening was.

    My goal was to shift their thoughts from all the complaining about the economy and the gas prices and the election concerns and remind them that life truly is good, right here and right now. And that we need to celebrate our abundance and plant seeds for the harvesting of goals for next year. I also asked that they wear whatever made them feel rich and abundant.

    They left with a homemade gratitude list that they can record the things they are grateful for and on the back was a place to list their 2009 goals. And they got a Life is Good sticker, compliments of the Life is Good company!

    They LOVED IT! I loved it and it was the easiest party I have ever thrown. And a nice surpirse at the end- I went to settle up with the floral shop and the owners said “there’s no charge; we know this will come back to us down the road.”

    I AM grateful! We kicked off the month of thanksgiving in a truly grateful way. Life is good.


  • Hi all,
    First, Susan, I am grateful for you and your amazing blog to give us this chance and this forum for expression. I am grateful for many things. ONe, I celebrated my BD this past Saturday. I am always grateful for the life I have been given and the chance to go forth in the world and experience not only my life, but share in the lives of so many others that have enriched my experience here on this earth.

    Just before sleep each night, when I recount my day, I always remember to be grateful, and one of the things I am grateful for is my education. My mother had us all reading and hungry for knowledge at a very young age – I always read well above my level in school – and I am grateful she instilled in me that thirst for knowledge and the unwillingness to settle for just any information. She made sure I was able to go out and find truths out for myself or verify the truth I had been given.

    I am grateful for my husband, who supports me in so many ways, and who believes in my writing and my need to be an artist.

    I am very grateful for my house, a warm, clean dry bed to sleep in, plenty of food in my pantry, an operable motor vehicle and a comfortable bank account. I am grateful I have been able to see the world, and continue to, and experience life through many cultures and religions to get a broader view of mankind.

    I am also very grateful that – being a fellow writer – Susan doesn’t mind if I ramble on incessantly in this blog!

    My list is endless, so I will halt for now. Hope everyone has a fabulous day!

  • 1. I am grateful for my sisters who are all things wonderful that sisters can be.
    2. I am grateful for my sons and my grandchildren
    3. I am grateful that I only have 93 days to retirement so I can have more time with my sisters, sons and grandchildren.

  • I’m grateful that I had my mother with me and was able to be there for her as her caregiver because she truly taught me about unconditional love. I’m grateful for my true friends, especially my “chosen sisters.” I’m grateful for each of the four-legged companions who have graced my life.

  • I’m grateful for my husband of 39 years. I’m grateful that I had my mother with me for 64 years. I’m also grateful for my faith, because without it, I wouldn’t know what gratitude is.

  • Susan, what a wonderful idea! I just told myself that I needed to start writing in my gratitude journal again.

    I’m grateful for my husband and celebrating our 23 years together (yesterday).

    I’m grateful that I’m healthy enough to get out and enjoy the beautiful autumn colors here in the Pacific Northwest.

    I’m grateful for The Grasshoppers who found each other in one of your classes and remain friends who support each other in writing and in life.

  • I am grateful that I am NOT UNgrateful.
    I was taught to be thankful for what I have…and even for what I don’t have because doing without, we develop character….. and are provided dream material.

    I am grateful for you being my inspiration, Susan, for The Grasshoppers , for all of my senses that can enjoy nature’s beauty, for my family/heritage, my faith, my pets, my health, my job, AND MY CAMERA AND CHOCOLATE AND SHOES!!!!!

  • I am grateful for my car- a Toyota 4 runner. Even though it is full of stains, scratches, and has over 203,000 miles on it, it is still going strong.
    I am so lucky to have my friends.
    I am gratefull for the sunrise that I see from my hot tub every morning.

    And now from another fosterchild. Her name is Jasmine and she is 5.

    I am grateful for my mom. I love her.
    I am grateful for my daddy. I want my daddy to get out of jail.
    I am grateful for my family. I love my family.

    Most kids would be grateful for “stuff” – Fosterkids see things from a whole different perspective than other children.

  • I’m thankful for my husband of 53 years

    A son (who lives in Va.) who is sending us on a 2 day adventure complete with hotel and event as a gift to us. He won’t tell us where but we know it’s the 13th & 14 th of this month!! Do know it’s here in FL !! fun!

    for the e-mail friends I’m meeting daily at Jack’s bar!

  • I’m going to steal this idea. We could change the world.

    My gratitude list today:
    1. Married to the man of my dreams who sings in the morning
    2. A career that challenges, frustrates, stimulates and rewards me
    3. Friends who love me as much as I love them.

  • Waoow!I’m building a new state of mind:being grateful for everything.The world does not appear to me so negative as it did before.
    I’m just grateful for this discovery,that gratitude should be the rule in everything.

  • I’m showing my age, but that’s ok; I’m proud I’ve reached it, relatively unscathed. I am most grateful for indoor plumbing, hot and cold running water and my fantastic dishwasher (not my husband or kids!). My Heavenly Father has given me 3 great gifts in these.

  • I am gratful for my cousin husband who fixed my car today
    I am grateful for being able to rely on friends and family fo rthe last year
    I am grateful that I am able to afford to get my car fixed for just the parts only.

  • I’m grateful for:

    (1) Today’s 75 degree weather here in Kansas on November 1

    (2) My daughter-in law of eight years, who’s birthday is today!

    (3) My new daughter-in-law of ONE WEEK!

  • I’m grateful for good friends who enjoy reading as much as I do.

    I’m especially grateful for authors like Susan and Robyn who provide the books we enjoy.

  • I am thankful for:
    My daughter coming home from semester abroad on Wednesday from New Zealand.
    I am thankful for children and especially how cute they are on Halloween.
    I am thankful for a biological mom of my foster kids who is testing negative for drugs right now……

    I am now going to include thankfuls from my 6 foster kids.. because their world is so different from my own children’s… ( their mom is a recovering drug addict…) meth…
    This is from Trinity who is 7.. I am thankful for my jewelry box because it twinkles.
    I got to visit my mom today, and she brought her karoake machine and we got to sing…
    I got to be a cheerleader for my costume…

  • 1. I am grateful for my husband, Tom, my children and grandchildren.
    2. I am grateful for our health.
    3. I am grateful to live in America

  • I am grateful for
    1. the blessings that God gives.
    2. that my mother who has been so sick these past few months, is better
    3. my family

  • 1. finally a sleeping puppy after what seems like hours of exercise

    2. the delicious latte my friend brought to me this morning

    3. a peaceful mind

  • Im Thankful today for:

    1. My husband knows enough about high school math to help my son with his Algebra

    2. My daughter who turned 21 yesterday did not run out to buy alcohol OR go to a bar.

    3.The beauty of the Outer Banks of NC and the 72 degrees to go with it today !

  • I’m thankful for:
    1. My incredibly talented, healthy, and GENIUS mother
    2. My kind-hearted and wise father
    3. PUPPIES!!!!

  • If we look at it closely,most of the things we are grateful for are in the end a gift of GOD. Most of the bad things that happen to us are the products of our own hands.So thank you God for giving us the beautiful things and preserving us from the outcome of our bad deeds.
    thanks Susan for giving us this opportunity. You have won me to your blog.

  • I am grateful for my good health after caring for my 48 year old son who passed away June 20th of this year after a long year’s battle with brain cancer.
    My friends near and far who keep my spirits up
    My husband who had a stroke 8 months ago and is now being well taken care of in a nursing home
    My church family
    My faith and belief in God
    Good books to read to help me.

  • I’m grateful for my health and my sons and their families. It will be fun, digging deeper for what I’m grateful for, as the days of the month progress. Thanks, Susan, for presenting the opportunity to do this!

  • My family……

    My life………..

    and blogs like yours that are fun to keep up with !

    This will be a great exercise, thanks Susan !

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