November 1 gratitude

November 01, 2008

Three Things I’m Grateful For:

1. My friend Elizabeth, for her friendship and for her passion about the upcoming election. If you haven’t read her posts about the issues, kick back and enjoy. She’s a genius.

2. People who care passionately about writing, like Anna Quinn, who is opening a new store TODAY just for writers, called The Writers Workshoppe, purveying “Tools, books, gifts and classes to inspire your inner writer.”

“This shop is for anyone who wants to write, has to write, feels crazy if they don’t write, aches to write, can’t write, wishes they could write, is scared to write. It’s for those who don’t know where to start. Or where to end. It’s for anyone interested in developing the craft of writing, or would just like to own a t-shirt that says, ‘eschew obfuscation.'”

3. A Hallowe’en visit last night from my adorable neighbors, including The Little Mermaid:

Trick or treat!
Trick or treat!


What are you grateful for today?


  • I am grateful for:

    1. It’s 8:24am and my kids are at school. Oh, the peace and quiet!
    2. Good friends Julie P. and Emily C. who are in CO Baracking the vote.
    3. Another day to make a difference.

  • 1.I’m grateful for my health and the health of my children.
    2. I’m grateful for wonderful authors like Susan Wiggs and Karen Kingsbury whose wonderful stories I read daily!!
    3.I’m grateful for this wonderful state that we live in.

  • I am grateful for being able to do my own housework and not have to realy on others to help me.

    I am grateful I have food in the house to cook and enjoy cooking for others

    I am grateful that to be able to laugh at others and laugh at myself too!!!!!

  • I am grateful for my friends.
    I am grateful for my car, a Toyota 4 runner,even though it has lots of stains and scratches, and it has over 203,000 miles. It is still going strong!
    I am grateful for the sunrise I see from my hot tub every morning.

    These are from one of my 6 foster kids- Jasmine. She is 5.

    I am grateful for my mom. I love her.
    I am grateful for my daddy. I want my daddy to get out of jail.
    I am grateful- I have a family. I love my family.

    Most kids would say what “things” they are grateful for- foster children see everything very differently.

  • I start my day by writing out the things that I am grateful for. It helps to set the tone for the day.

    Here are my three:

    I am grateful for the opportunity to spend the week here in Florida with my mom!

    I am grateful for Andy’s love and support!

    I am grateful that I have reached a point in my life where I am happy and content with the person that I am!

    Have a wonderful day!


  • Thank you for taking the time to do this, Susan. In this hurry-hurry, rush-a-day world, we need to be reminded to be grateful. Here’s my list:

    Nova, my Doberman – she is the sweetest dog alive, a wonderful companion, a dog that makes me proud in public and at friends’ homes because she is so well-behaved.

    My Critique Group – 5 of the most supportive, helpful people I know. We meet religiously every Thursday, whether we have something to critique or not, because every time we meet, we laugh and laugh, and sometimes cry, but we always support each other.

    Susan Wiggs – Susan, I have long admired you for how grounded you are. Every word you write, every encounter you have with people, makes your light shine. You are friendly, nurturing, down to earth, and funny. Thank you for being you.

  • I love this idea, Susan! I used to keep a daily Gratitude Journal. (Hm. Not sure where that went…)

    Expressing gratitude absolutely does make one happier. My three for today: My SisterWriters–Maddie James, Jan Scarbrough, and Janet Eaves. We have been sharing our writers’ journeys for a couple of years now, and I feel very blessed to have them in my life.

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