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October 30, 2008

I don’t have much to complain about, but I wrote a letter of complaint to the Merrell shoe company a few weeks ago. If they had bothered to respond, I probably wouldn’t be posting the complaint here on this public blog, but I just got a whopper bill for my arm and I’m feeling ticked off. It was a short letter, with illustrations. I didn’t expect anything from this company except an acknowledgment. Maybe a get-well-soon wish. Instead, they ignored me so I’m going public about these shoes.

buyer beward
buyer beward

These $130 shoes. The ones that are, as the title of this post implies, unsafe at any speed.

I bought them at the Tongass Trading Company in Ketchikan because they were comfortable for hiking, and made of Gore Tex. It’s true that several online reviews mentioned that they are slippery on wet surfaces. Looking at the soles of these shoes, you’d never know. I figured the online reviews were exaggerated…or written by klutzes…. NOT. The review are correct. THESE SHOES SLIP ON WET SURFACES.

I was off for a hike with Barkis and never even made it out of my yard. The grass was wet that day. In this part of the world, the grass is always wet. The hike ended with an ambulance ride and ferry crossing to the ER. As you can see, I’m still wearing the Merrell shoes in the ER:


  • I hope your arm is better. When my children were young, a popular restaurant had a radio commercial that I felt enticed children to act in a less than honest way. I wrote to the company, scathingly blistered them with the written word, and accused them of luring children to lie to eat at their establishment. I told them that chilldren had a hard enough time with morals as it was, and they didn’t need situations like that to confuse them further. I realized after a couple of weeks that I no longer was hearing that commercial, and within a relatively short period of time, the restaurant was out of business in our area (Dallas). It’s amazing what a woman can do, and if people are as smart as they seem to think they are, they’ll listen and pay very close attention!

  • One thing companies have not learned is a woman angry! Especially when injury has occured. Perhaps now you will get some action from the less than efficient customer service department. There is great power when women get mad.

    Yes, how is the arm?

  • Where is Ralph Nader when you need him ? I wonder if that company has a true “customer service” dept………..you should have at LEAST been acknowledged. When I get back from town, gonna do some snooping…..

    GRRRR !

    How is that arm doing now ?

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