coffee time

October 25, 2008

I love the look of this coffee shop in the fall!

Pegasus Coffee House
Pegasus Coffee House
Happy autumn!
Happy autumn!

Today’s writing goal: Revise an entire chapter of my novel in a coffee shop.

  • Since when I was looking to buy on BI in 1986 I don’t recall it – of course then I didn’t drink coffee and was more interested in that great antique shop called the “Sow’s Ear” which I understand has closed :(……… Building looks familiar though………and is absolutely beautiful.

    Hope your arm is healing nicely, thank you for showing us this great shot !

  • That looks amazing! And I wish I could walk right over to it right now and sit down and enjoy the coffee. Sadly, Minnesota is a little far away. 🙂

  • This is such a unique place to sit and have a cup of coffee or what ever your beverage of choice is.
    I would think that a lot of insperation would come from such a setting. Like maybe a story line of a couple meeting over a spilt cup of hot coffee.!!!!!

  • It is a great coffee shop. They also make the best protein bars and other wonderful (non fattening, yeah right) treats. The coffee is excellent too.

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