Arm update number one from Suzanne

October 05, 2008

So my friends are keeping my spirits up with food that can be eaten with a single nondominant hand, trashy celeb magazines, music CDs and things that open one-handed. Jay has learned how to braid hair. I miss being able to tie shoes. And the supertalented suzanne selfors reminds me to keep a sense of humor about this:

suz knows me well
suz knows me well

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  • This was so cute. Your friend is very talented. I feel for you although I have never had a broken arm. i have broke my foot.

    You can always do it the old fashioned way and get a tape recorder, oh god I don’t even know if there is still such a thing.

    Get better soon and keep smiling!!

  • hahahaha – laughing at the comic and not your pain (though, in this case, it’s kind of the same).

    Usually, in challenging situations, I like to look at how things could be worse and that makes me feel a little better. Well, after the period of feeling sorry for myself of course.

  • Wow! The x-ray picture made me cringe! I hope you are feeling better and the pain is under control. I know that there must be thousands of your fans (me included) who would be honored to sit with you and take dictation. I’d bring tea and cookies if I didn’t live so far away.

    I just finished Just Breathe and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. The story really shows that “life happens when we are making other plans” but that is alright. Sometimes life wouldn’t end up being so sweet had we not made that turn down the other road.

    Get well soon.

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