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October 03, 2008

Hi all, Elizabeth Wiggs here. I sneakily hacked into my mom’s blog to share some news from yesterday with you. My mom was getting ready to take Barkis on a walk and he ended up tugging her down, dislocating her left elbow. Yipes! Here’s the amazing part: she managed to see through the pain enough to call for help from the guys working next door! She’s a warrior woman. She spent all day at Swedish Hospital. She’s fine now, but she’s left-handed and it’s her left arm, so writing is going to be tough for her for a little while (remember, she handwrites her first drafts!). There’s nothing to be super worried about, but make sure you send her good thoughts!

Here’s a before & after photo of the X-Ray.


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    • Thanks Susan for the valuable help! I believe your books have this element, the micro-tension. I know that I don’t want put one down once I start reading!

  • So sorry to read about your accident. We will pray you will heal soon so you can be ready for a wonderful holiday season. I love your books.

  • Susan,


    OUCH is right. That x-ray just looks painful.

    Sending you many warm well wishes for a speedy recovery.

    Keep a positive outlook on things, get some rest and relax.


  • Hi Susan!
    Sending rainbows and sunshine and flowers and GRASSHOPPERS and warm hugs to you…and to Jay, the hero, and to Elizabeth for letting us know.

  • I echo the “ouch” sentiment. I know nothing about x-rays, but I think the bones are supposed to line up all nicely… and they’re not!

    Thanks for the updates. I’ll be sure to send good thoughts and well wishes.

  • Ouch! I can feel the pain just looking at the xrays. Be healed quickly!

    Thanks again for autographing the books for the girlies. Nicole has her copy already. The others will get theirs tomorrow.

    Barkis – such energy.

    Look out on the beautiful calming, healing view. Breathe deep, relax and let the healing begin. Thinking of you.

  • Get well soon, Susan! *sends healing vibes*

    And look into Dragon Naturally Speaking as a possibility to keep writing!

  • Wow, ouch is right ! Those are some photos too…..Thank you Elizabeth, your mom is special to a lot of people, and now we can all send healing thoughts to her………bet Barkis was upset to have mommy get hurt too !

    Sending hugs and best wishes from Janesville – where the trees are starting to turn, and my horses have an inch of winter hair on them already !

    Maybe we should find a voice recorder for you Susan, then your thoughts can flow from your mouth onto the tape, vs through the peacock blue ink onto the paper……….feel better soon !

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