just another day on the water

September 24, 2008

Sometimes it pays to look up from my work. I might see, oh, maybe an aircraft carrier out my window:

the John Stennis
the John Stennis
And just when you thought it was safe to go into the water…
spooky, eh?
spooky, eh?
A sub!
Godspeed to the people on the carrier and sub!

  • Spooky indeed seeing that sub like that – but overall very very cool. Now remind me WHY I decided not to buy that 10 acres with an old mobile home on BI back in 1986 I think for $ 159.000 ?????


    Enjoy the day !

  • That’s crazy! Nice view. I’d love to be able to see water and the things that float by.

    I don’t get to see anything fun from my window. Well, that’s not 100% true. I get to see some Air Force Memorial or something tall, not quite sure what it is, and the George Washington Masonic Temple or something in Alexandria. I think I can see the old RFK Stadium and some of Reagan National Airport, but I USED to be able to see the Capitol and Washington Monument before they put up the tall building next to mine.

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