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September 07, 2008

We had fun on the ferry signing! The ads for Just Breathe look great and it was cool being a commuter for an afternoon. For that brief, shining moment, I felt like someone who has a real job. The feeling passed quickly enough, though. Not to worry.

aboard the MV Tacoma
aboard the MV Tacoma

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  • no Anthropologie near me…and not in their online catalog!! :o((
    Woe is me! Just meant for YOU…and it looks “MAHvelous, darling”

  • Oh! that precious Barkis boy!!!How cute!

    And l LOVE the jacket…can’t find it on the Net in any of the three stores mentioned!!!! Do tell :o))

    Glad the signing was “ferry” successful :o))!

  • He does, doesn’t he ? Being labeled, as high functioning autistic, that is a compliment 🙂 We have worked hard to get there !

    Of course then he goes on to tell me about the origins of the 1812 overture and why some Czech countries are how they are………never NEVER boring !

  • What I meant to mention in the first place – You clean up real well ! I think you look very “commuter” and spiffy in the photos –

    You at least know how to dress for being seen outside in public 🙂 and do it well !

  • Nice photos – even Barkis got his picture in !

    Exciting times for a nice gal. Congratulations on being the groundbreaking writer signing books on the ferryboat 🙂

    Even my son was impressed – he stopped in my office while I had the photos up and looked, and I got the normal questions from him. “Is that the same ferry we rode ?” “Do they REALLY allow dogs to ride the ferry too ?” “Is that really homeland security?” (he wants to go see that for himself now, the Coast Guard boat) “What type of gun is that ?” “Do they really have that sort of thing out in the open ?” “Doesn’t the salt air make it misfire? (I told him they undoubtedly clean it often haha)…….and the list goes on and on……..never a dull monent here. Then he comes back a half hour later telling me all the things that the Coast Guard can do or won’t do, or isn’t allowed to do……:)

    While he doesn’t want to move, he is anxious to go see the sound and go out on the ferry again (me too !)

    Have a great Sunday!

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