September 2008

piano man

I’m sorry, am I the only one who still thinks Jackson Browne is super hot? Is that maybe dating me a little? Well, too bad. The man is timeless and

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In Creole, “lagniappe” means a little something extra, like the perfectly-wrapped chocolate truffle on your pillow at a fancy hotel. As I’m working on a book, it sometimes occurs to

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today's gem

So I’ve been up since 6am, working on the mess-in-progress. I realized it was quitting time when this rolled out of my pen: Maureen might consider the library a vital

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Surf's up!

I’m doing your surfing for you again! Would you please check out this video featuring Dr. McSwimmy? [youtube=]

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Hello, Sacramento!

I can’t wait to meet you! Here are my two events in the area–a signing at Costco, and an event sponsored by the Sacramento RWA: Friday, September 19, 2008 Cal

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Listening to writers

Barnes & Noble has a section of their web site called B&N Studio, featuring podcasts with dozens of authors. I got sucked in for an hour and a half, hoping

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