plotting from the inside out

August 25, 2008

Real quick–I’m posting a free online writing workshop entitled “Plotting From the Inside Out.” In other words, how to write your way into the heart of your story. Come join in the fun!

  • Hi, Susan,

    I just found out about the workshop from Ginny. I signed up on “Divas,” but can’t seem to get into the workshop. I’ll be traveling the next few days but hope to stop in and learn when I can. I love your workshops!


  • I’m not “approved for Diva class” since I just registered…BUT..I have my homework up to date! :o)) So I am TRYING to be a diva!!!!(polishing my nails)

    Happy to hear about the class in the nick of time.

    And am AMAZED by your interview news…you made the cuts for teacher in space??????????? No way!!!!! You rock!

    Glad you weren’t in Christa McAuliffe’s seat…bless her soul.

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